Stainless keychains Fiat x19/Abarth/Lancia etc


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Hi there,

The keychains are manufactured in 2mm stainless steel. The surface is brushed 4 times(various grammages). The price for each keychain is 11.50 $ and 5$ for shipping(no matter how many keychains). I accept only PayPal.
If you want to order the keychain or if you have any questions just send me a private message.

1. Fiat X1/9 (67mm long):

2. Abarth Scorpion(40mm):

2. Abarth Emblem (34mm):

3.Abarth sign (73mm):

4.Fiat 126 (55mm):

5. Fiat 131 Racing (63mm):

6. Bertone (28mm):

7. Lancia Elefantino (57mm):

9. Racing wheel (43mm)

10: Bertone2 (76mm)

11. Lancia (43mm)

12.Fiat 124 Spider(67mm)

13. Fiat 124 emblem(59mm)

14. Fiat 124 Spider emblem(55x30mm)

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I really like the Bertone "b" and the prototipo steering wheel. I'm "watching" the bertone, on eBay now.


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I have had the keychains pretty much since you originally posted this. and they are PERFECT. I dont really take care of my keys, they have been dropped, stepped on, buried in the back yard (dont ask) and so forth, even though there are some pretty thin parts, the stainless has held up with out a bend at all! great product!



Very nice stuff. How about a 124 or a spider? If you did these and posted on fiatspider website, Im sure you would make many sales.