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Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by Red Bull 78, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Red Bull 78

    Red Bull 78 True Classic

    Western KY
    Recently replaced steering column. Old one was fine until I buggered it up taking the wheel off.
    Nice 'N' Tight, like it should be. U8 one from M-B has about 3-4 in slack before anything starts happening.
    Connector link is old one, only the part that holds all the Switches was changed, so it's a solid shaft.
    So where did all this Loosey-Goosey suddenly come from?
    Only place I can think of is the lower splines on the new shaft are worn and the Connect link isn't tight enough. It went on tight, had to tap it with rubber hammer to seat.
  2. carl

    carl True Classic

    As you note, the column is a sold piece and you did not change the steering rack so the universal assemblies are suspect. You will have to get your eyes down there and carefully look for play. I have never seen Fiat steering column universals with any play issues but that does not mean it can't happen. Also make sure you don't have play between the steering wheel and the steering shaft.
  3. Red Bull 78

    Red Bull 78 True Classic

    Western KY
    Took the column out today, AGAIN, for Master R&R. U-Joints are Tight. Just thought of this. Are both ends the same size? Did I Flip the Connector?
    6th time the column has been out in 5 years. Wonder if the splines are getting worn. Little Clearance there would be Large at the wheel.

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