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Sway Bar

Discussion in 'Front-Engine Rear Drive Fiats' started by Peter Cecil, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Seasons greetings everyone.

    "79 Spider 2000. I thought I would replace the bushings on the sway bar. All cam off easily enough, separated the inner brackets to change the bushes and then thought an hour or so to reinstall. Goodness me, no. Think that again. Push and shove, lift lower, tighten or loosen. Eventually I lowered the car and put weight on wheels so that I could mount the outer bushings. What a devil of a job, especially if you are on your own. Doesn't help that I am in an unheated garage and it is 17F outside. Makes me think replacing the front bushings will not be a job for the faint hearted. Any feed back about the front end would be much appreciated.
    I hope Santa is good to you :)
  2. carl

    carl True Classic

    I question the sanity of anyone doing anything short of installing a spare tire on the side of the road in 17 degree weather. Jerking around with the front sway bar on a spider is a pain in the ass on a nice day with 30 year old squishy bushings so it follows it would be a super pain in the ass with new, rigid bushings. Your experience was to be expected even if sunny and 75 degrees. The fear we have is snapping off the chassis mounting studs for the inner swaybar brackets.
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