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Used Fiat X1/9 Parts for sale

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by tkunda, May 12, 2011.

  1. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Purchased a 1979 X/19, 5 speed, 1498cc, California smoged, in 1982 and had many great years of fun with it. Unfortunately was involved in an accident which rendered the car unrepairable.

    I retained some of the part which I have decided to finally part with. These parts are in good condition and are located in California.

    - Dashboard gauges, includes volt meter, temp gauge, fuel gauge, turn blinkers, speedometer and tach. Part of the rear electronic board is missing, but the gauges are all in great condition. Asking $65

    - Rearview mirror. Asking $35

    - In-dash electric control switches- defroster/hazard/dash light dimmer/lights/spare. Asking $40

    - (2) window handles with mounting rings. Asking $20 for the pair

    - MOHN ski rack with lock. Fits X1/9 Asking $35

    - Original owners manual and owners warranty and service book. Asking $75

    These parts are located in Roseville, California 95678, buyer is responsible for shipping charges and PayPal fees. If you would like pictures of the items, please contact me via email at ted_kunda*yahoo.com. Put Fiat Parts in the subject line so it doesnt go to the Junk Mail pile.

    Last edited: Jun 7, 2011
  2. strangepod

    strangepod 1987 Bertone X1/9

    Buford Ga
    Pics of the coolant tank?
  3. emrliquidlife

    emrliquidlife True Classic

    So Cal
    Dibs on the brown dash mat!

    I'd also like the ski rack, but need to see pics.

  4. Bill_Alber

    Bill_Alber Daily Driver


    Is the "Bosch Ignition Control Module" the same as is used on the FI cars?

    If so I would like it for a spare.
  5. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Pic of coolant tank

    Please email me and I will send you a pic of the coolant tank. ted_kunda*yahoo.com

    Last edited: May 13, 2011
  6. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Control Module

    I am not sure if it is the same one, but I will post a pic for you to see. IF it doesnt show, please email me at ted_kunda*yahoo.com and I will forward one to you.

  7. Larry

    Larry True Classic

    Santa Clara, CA
    PM Sent

    about the Baby Tornado mirror...

    '79 X1/9
    '86 X1/9
    '81 Spider 2000
  8. mags

    mags True Classic

    Rochester NY
    Has the dash mat and chrome gas cap sold?
  9. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Brown Dash Mat is still available

    EMRLIQUIDLIFE never come through or responded so the dash mat is still available.
  10. vircar

    vircar original owner

    brooklyn new york

    what color is the ashtray
  11. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage


    The ashtray is dark brown.
  12. vircar

    vircar original owner

    brooklyn new york

    consider the ashtray sold
  13. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Brown dash mat and chrome gas cap is sold

    The brown dash mat and chrome gas cap has been sold.
  14. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage



    Just wanted to follow up. Have not received your funds yet. Have you sent them?


  15. vircar

    vircar original owner

    brooklyn new york

    the funds were sent sorry for the delay i got a little busy guess holiday did nt help either
  16. tkunda

    tkunda Low Mileage

    Thanks for the update. I wil advise when received and will ship accordingly.

    Thank you,

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