Very interesting build - 2 stroke flat six.

Discussion in 'NFC Forum' started by fastx19, Oct 18, 2018.

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  2. Cool. I don't think I know this particular car but there have been a few similar 2 cycle builds for DSR and CSR.
  3. Dr.Jeff

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    I've always loved D and CSR's. Seems like there have been many using various 2-stroke engines over the years; with snowmobile, outboard, even chainsaw engines. This flat 6 is interesting. Google refers it to some old aircraft engines. Seems like a bit odd intake and exhaust manifold arrangements; going from a single throttle body to a flat topped intake chamber, and from a single exhaust chamber on each side into single outlets. Wonder what could be possible with independant TB's on a custom manifold/intake runners and custom expansion chamber exhausts for each cylinder? I'll bet this thing is EXTREMELY loud with 6 cylinders of 2-stroke engine going into those tiny glass packs/short straight-through exhaust. But how can it have Formula Ford heads on this engine? Or are those non-relevant spare parts?
  4. MikeHynes

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    In the SCCA there are some very serious SR competitors. They spend a lot of money on their cars. It's not uncommon for the fastest cars to have one off custom built engines. Don't confuse that with a "racing" version of a production engine, these are clean sheet, ground up, custom engines. Many use heads and cylinders from a production design engine, often a single cylinder engine, and attach them to a custom built crankcase/crankshaft in a multi cylinder configuration. It sounds like this car might have such an engine. Very cool stuff but you've got to have piles of money (and lots of knowledge) to design and build one. Kohler used to sponsor such a car/team that won many runoffs races.

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