wanted x1/9 fi thermostat housing and sensor

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by jcstuckinmuck, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. jcstuckinmuck

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    united kingdom
    wanted fi thermostat hosing for x1/9, and the sensor, also the fi sensor in the head, not the temp gauge sensor, also looking for throttle cable for the fi system fron cam cover to fi chamber, also aux air valve and pipes.
  2. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

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    Just a point of info, the stock FI head has two temperature sensitive devices in the cylinder head. The first, above spark plug #2 is of course the sending unit for the instrument panel temperature gauge, and this item is common to all X1/9s, be they FI or carbed. Very close to it, near plug #3, is an FI-specific item called the Thermo-Time switch (FIAT part # 4393600). This also senses temperature and depending upon the temp, it will activate the Cold Start Injector located on the end of the intake plenum log. Based also on temp, it sends current to the internal heater of the Auxiliary Air Valve, to help it heat up at the correct rate.

    Finally, as you know, the Bosch FI coolant temperature sensor which sends its info to the FI controller, is located in the FI-specific thermostat housing.
  3. Dr.Jeff

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    Dan, I'm not certain but where there some variations for the locations of these sensors over the years? [Note, I'm using the word 'sensor' to describe all three of the related units - temp sensor, temp switch, and TTS]

    Naturally my '79 1500 carb head and T-stat housing has one combination of sensors and locations relative to it being a non-FI model. But my FI '85 and a replacement '80 FI head I purchased have different holes for the sensors. And the T-stat housings are different between the '80 and '85 to correspond with those changes. I'll have to go look at them again to be more specific. But my point is I think there may be more than one possible set up for FI heads/T-stat housings with respect to how many of the sensors are on each component, and where they are located on those components.

    Maybe you can offer more detail, honestly I don't recall exactly. It might be one of the changes when they went to the "Bertone" models? Or just another of the countless random changes that occured on these engines/cars (for example the fittings for the heater hoses also moved around). And I wouldn't be surprised if there will be differences with certain smog equipped models (eg. Calif cars) as well, regarding the sensor locations.
  4. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    You can add more sensor ports to the T/Stat housing, if your head is lacking the factory bungs.


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