Water pump housing removal

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by Xken, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Xken

    Xken '79 1300 4spd RHD

    I decided it was time to change all the cooling system hoses and water pump. I was doing fine until I got to the top left bolt where the pump housing bolts onto the block. I have a '79 1300 with no a/c.

    I can't get a socket through the gap between the exhaust manifold and the pump housing and I can't get a spanner on the bold head from underneath. I am assuming the bolt is a 13mm the same as the other three bolts. Are there any tricks to getting to this bolt or do I need to take off the inlet manifold for access?
  2. Ndtman

    Ndtman Project car

    If I recall,

    I had to take a cheap 13 mm socket and grind it down a bit (making it skinnier) so that it would be able to reach it. I put it on the end of an extension and it came out fine without having to remove the intake or exhaust manifold.
  3. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Remove snail mount bolt

    IIRC, you put a jack under the oil pan (put a piece of wood between the pan and jack) to support the engine, then pull the bolt from the snail mount. This will allow you to gently lift the engine and gain some clearance on that last bolt. Not sure if you need to disconnect the top dogbone mount or not, you will figure it out though.

    A 79 1300? I guess someone swapped the 1300 in there somewhere along the line? Do you have the access panel in the rear trunk? It can make reaching things easier. Here is a picture of my old 1979 with the panel removed:

    Update! DOH!! Just checked your location. Australia, I bet the 79's there were 1300. Sorry for MY confusion. :) Hopefully you have the access panel, if not you can make one. Although making these cuts in my really clean 78 seemed a shame, the access was helpful when I was swapping in the new engine.
  4. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA

    How does lifting the whole engine provide more clearance between the top (upper side) of the water pump housing & the bottom edge of the manifold in order to access the upper bolt holding the pump to the engine block? :confuse2:
  5. ng_randolph

    ng_randolph Bjorn H

    SF Bay area
    Mark Plaia suggested the same thing as Ndtman, see this post.

    Further down in that thread, Rupunzel suggests replacing that bolt with a same thread size bolt with a 12 mm head as used on many Japanese cars, or even a socket cap bolt. That would ease assembly, and also removal next time the pump needs to come out.
  6. Xken

    Xken '79 1300 4spd RHD

    Thanks Ndtman I did just that and it worked a treat. Water pump housing is out and I can keep going.

    JimD I do have an access panel and it certainly makes it easier all round. I have a '78 as well and it is much harder to work on.

    Thanks for the tip ng_randolph, that's a great idea :)

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