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Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by budgetzagato, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Olympia, WA USA
    Yesterday and today I finished installation of the charcoal canister and its bracket to the sub-frame. It took some time to collect the canister and the bracket but various folks helped me out in that regard.

    I connected the bottom port on the canister to the line from the two-way valve, this collects fumes from the tank. The top port goes to a constant vacuum port on the base of the carb, which has a small vacuum at all times. The unused port is for a cab vent which my 38DGAS doesn't have.


    I also came up with a solution to a previously unmentioned problem; that of the plastic mountings of the dash-door bolster extension. On the driver's side mine were severely damaged to the point where they could barely support the bolster. I fashioned some reinforcement from simple fender washers and used plastic welding solvent to adhere the washers to the remaining ABS/PS plastic. So far so good.



    I ended the weekend with a sunny day open-top drive to Lezisig's place to admire his 850 Spider project. I got to recall various esoteric details from when I owned my '72 850 Sport Spider, and we compared a lot of notes. I also gave him a copy of a modification guide I have held on to.


    On the way home I stopped at a local auto parts place to pick something up and got a lot of compliments from another guy who seemed to recognize the car but mistook it as a Alfa Romeo. Oh well. :whistle:
  2. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Nice work on your part. I love seeing people make/fix what is broken and not just replacing.

    As for his 850 Spider, he has made a number of posts showing some of his work on the Fiat Spider forum, nice work. I haven't owned a Spider (of either kind) yet but I look forward to it.


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