Weeping gearbox

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by carl, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Russe11

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    Fiats can be that way...
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  2. carl

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    Can't wait to get back to work on the spider and hang out at MIRA where the members are older, more mature....and tend to fall asleep in the middle of a thread if it's nap time.
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  3. Paul Stoltze

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    I always replace those three motor mount bolts with studs. I have experienced leaks and stripped threads due to repeated servicing over the years, and the studs prevent that. Loctite on the stud is enough to seal the threads from leaking.

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  4. EricH

    EricH Eric Hamilton Moderator

    Durham NC, USA
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  5. That person was probably me. That is supposed to be a blind hole but putting a longer bolt in it and binding the shifter always breaks the bottom out of the hole and causes a leak. Either teflon tape or RTV on the stud's threads will seal it up. Flush with brake kleen first.
  6. carl

    carl True Classic

    I installed a stud with Teflon sealer on the threads and the leak seems to be cured.
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