What clutch kit to use when swapping a 1500 into a 128

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by Joe S., Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Joe S.

    Joe S. Daily Driver

    I came across a 1500 from an X-1/9 for my 128. I've swapped over all the required 1300 parts over to the 1500 and now want to mate it to the 128's 4 speed transmission. I assume I need to use the 1500's flywheel, but what clutch kit (pressure plate, disc, release bearing) do I get? Do I get the 1500/x1-9 kit or the 1300/128 kit?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. You need the 1300 starter and flywheel. Depending on the vintage of the 4 speed, you will need either the short or tall 4 speed pressure plate. If the inside of the bell housing has a round sheet metal shaft plug, it takes the tall pressure plate. If the plug is cast in to the bell housing, it takes the later "short" pressure plate.
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  3. I forgot to add that you need the 1300/4 speed throwout bearing and clutch disc. I recently did this on my X.
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  4. Joe S.

    Joe S. Daily Driver

    Awesome.....thank you!
  5. andreav

    andreav True Classic

    You can use your original flywheel with clutch and starter from 128, think that is also possible to use 1500 flwyheel with bigger clutch but you need to change outer ring on flwheel, if I remember good X have few tooths more than 128.

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