What did you do to your X1/9 today ?

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Eastep, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    I believe the "Sniper" is a carb replacement with 'throttle body' injectors, like this:
    So the injector size is a whole different issue from the type used on the stock FI system.
  2. Integrale

    Integrale Daily Driver

    Davenport, IA
    All the Snipers come with 100lb injectors 2 in the 2 barrel and 4 in the 4 barrel, which I felt was too much for the little FIAT engine. I replaced the stock injectors with currently 43lb injectors, which after it has run feel it is still too much, so I have located some 31lb injectors.
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  3. motoTrooper

    motoTrooper True Classic

    Congratulations Don! It looks great!
  4. Thanks Christopher. That crossmember you welded for me seems to be holding up well.

    How are you enjoying Prunedale? It must be a bit more laid back than Palo Alto. How is the Scorparu coming along? I think I saw the last episode but haven't checked for a new one lately.

    Happy Holidays!
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  5. Integrale

    Integrale Daily Driver

    Davenport, IA
    Got 31 lb injectors installed just in time to put car into storage for the winter, runs much better now.
  6. Mike Schofield

    Mike Schofield True Classic

    Just finished refreshing my two stock fans. Was running a single spal fan but decided that it doesn’t perform nearly as well as the stock unit and what’s better than one? Two!
    723F58AB-2498-4D1D-9572-7566FAC7CCDD.jpeg D80995B8-CD1F-4943-A6E3-A7F594001D9A.jpeg
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  7. 7982X

    7982X True Classic

    Very nice job!
  8. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Mike, looks great. I'm curious how the fans were compared between stock and Spal?
  9. Mike Schofield

    Mike Schofield True Classic

    The spal is good, don’t get me wrong but it pales in comparison to the stock fan. I have a video somewhere...I’ll post it if I can find it...
    I will say that the spal fan is very quiet though. very good quality...
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  10. kmead

    kmead Over half way.

    I believe he is referring to a Holley Sniper Fuel Injection System. These are a TBI solution but is really intended for a V8 or inline 6.

    The oversized injectors were my worry when the subject of them came up.
  11. kmead

    kmead Over half way.

    Those should be pretty close at 61lbs total, versus the 72 Hussein was running on a decidedly ‘hot’ engine.
  12. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Topped off the gas tanks and put Stabil in the 85 and 86(which I finally remembered to add to my sig). I normally do this in late fall, but it snowed early this year. I had to wait for some rain to wash most of the salt away before taking them out to the gas station. Both cars fired up easily event though they haven't moved in a month. That was nice.
  13. Rod Midkiff

    Rod Midkiff True Classic

    Eugene, OR
    replaced a dead injector, swapped the O2, installed a front bumper, drive into town filled the tank with fuel and drove around for the fun of it on some errands.

    then helped a friend swap out a troubled starter with another, and changed out the coolant for antifreeze, on a friends x1/9.
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  14. dragonsgate

    dragonsgate True Classic

    I have been watching the paint bubble on the passenger side of the bottom windshield for a while now and figured I had better take a look.
    Scraped away some paint and after poking around with an ice pick was happy to find that there was substantial metal with slight rust etching'
    Sanded away to fairly shinny and applied some rust treatment that will be dry enough for second stage of repair tomorrow.
    IMG_2942.JPG IMG_2943.JPG
    Prime IMG_2944.JPG
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  15. Joe Santucci

    Joe Santucci Low Mileage

    New addition to my X collection !
    Incredible IMG_1763.jpg 1974 with a Saratoga Top !
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  16. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
  17. artz1731

    artz1731 True Classic

    Denver PA
  18. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    It has been a multiple fix in one week.... First @toddr124 helped me swap out my radiator. This is something I debated doing on my garage floor, but about 10 minutes into doing this on Todd's lift I realized it would have been a nightmare. In the process we discovered that the two fans that had been installed previously were done so in a questionable manner.. Yes they had relays, but the wiring was a mess and they were the wrong size so the installer had glued them together. They only fit on the diagonal post so they were not really secure. After driving back home and almost over heating, I came to the conclusion that the fans were not going to cut it. I called @carl who had an extra stock fan, so I installed that. Presto! The car runs cooler than it ever has before! Photo from this morning with Fat Rat... I think I need a snorkel.....

    Attached Files:

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  19. Mike Schofield

    Mike Schofield True Classic

    Ok, quick question. How did you wire your dual stock fans? I recently installed a dual stock fan setup but I’m worried about the added load they’ll take....I just wired them together in series. Any suggestions??
  20. tigeravg

    tigeravg True Classic

    Hangtown, Ca.
    Finished the DCNF carbs and intalled. She fired up on the first twist of the key. If anyone needs a GREAT tutorial on tuning the DCNF's, take a look at "Dino 246 restoration blog". The walk thru leaves nothing to chance and was dummied down enough for (even) me to do the tuning successfully. My Carbs were waaaay out of whack by following some youtube dingleberry. Glad I dug deeper, and my girl is back on the road.
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