Wheels, performance cams, 1974 grille

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by johnph, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. johnph

    johnph True Classic

    - three 13 x 5 1/2 Fiat Speedline "Iron Cross" wheels $240 for 3 or $100 each.
    -Momo 275mm race style steering wheel with Fiat 850 hub. $50
    - Hyperco 8" x 2.5 coil over springs 275# like new $100/pair
    - 1974 only front radiator grill (only missing one boss on back) $190
    - Crane F266 used camshaft from autocross car 10.95mm lift $100
    - New Midwest 223 degree 10.1mm lift regrind with .030"
    milled cambox. Not used since reconditioning. $290
    - Weber DHTA 28/30 8/279 H9 #4394763 carb is new, but the
    choke vacuum pulloff is used. $90
    - Vitaloni Californian used mirror set.
    (just like on 1975-6 Ferrari 312T F1 cars) $40
    - used stock 1976 lap belt set $10
    Parts are in Sacramento, California, USA. Additional charges for shipping. DSCN0400.JPG DSCN0398.JPG DSCN0400.JPG

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  2. Mike Schofield

    Mike Schofield True Classic

    Are the mirrors oval shaped?
  3. johnph

    johnph True Classic

    Yes, just google Ferrari 312T F1 and you will see. They are the same.
  4. 770mark

    770mark New Member

    Are either of the grills still available?
  5. johnph

    johnph True Classic

    The 1974 grill is still here.

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