will be putting my 1986 x1/9 on BAT

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by alfaman, May 12, 2019.

  1. alfaman

    alfaman Daily Driver

    within the next month....thought i was gonna retire but looks like one more year at least at work...
    sell it rather then let it sit.....thanks for all your help on the forum..did the starter relay, redline transmission etc thanks to all of your input...hopefully will get another after i retire

    if anyone has experience selling a car on bat, please let me know...moderators please move this to the correct thread if posted this in the wrong place

    you might remember it from this thread on BAT


    or this

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  2. sjmst

    sjmst True Classic

    Long Island, NY
    I check BaT quite often. Great for buyer, dicey for sellers. Many nit picky armchair quarterback's comments and questions that can border on derogatory.
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  3. fastx19

    fastx19 Administrator Moderator

    Santa Clara, CA
    Not to question your decision, but letting the car sit inside for a year is really no big deal. It's a heck of a nice car and I would hate for you to let it go and not be able to find another one as in good as condition. However, if the X is really not fitting what you were hoping it would do, there are a lot of other great choices out there for a fun car. The 124 spider sits up a bit higher, so it is easier to get in/out and has space behind the seats to throw your stuff into. Plus, it has a timeless look, and much more power than the later (80's) Alfa Romeo's.

    Good luck with the sale! With summer coming, now is a good time to get it on Bat.
  4. Wayne

    Wayne Low Mileage

    What are you asking for it? Any pics?
  5. RJ80

    RJ80 True Classic

    Kitsap, WA
    Having sold a couple cars on BaT, I think it's actually the other way around. I can't imagine buying a car (especially one that costs more than $5k or so) online without inspecting it in person first. But I got nearly $8k for my '79 Spider 2000 a few years back which is far more than I would have on Craigslist or forum classifieds. The car sold to Jamaica, I was paid, two weeks later a transporter came to get it. Easy peasy.
  6. alfaman

    alfaman Daily Driver

    thanks guys...sorry just got back in town....have not had the time to post the car yet...maybe i'm stalling cause i know i'll never find another in this condition....will be interest to see how the current x on bat goes for....have a 69 alfa spider as well...funny thing is, the x gets more attention then the spider...seems quite a few have owned the bertone/fiat x19 and have fond memories....the reality is i probably will sell the x.....look for it on bat within the next month....
  7. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest True Classic

    I only see 2 reasons for selling. No longer interested in the car or money needed. From what you say, you would like to have another sometime, so if you are able to keep it, it would be better to store it instead of selling. But if you are after some money, there are always nice one you can buy later. In fact, I have never seen so many great one than in the last year.

    And you are right, it is in incredible shape.
  8. Andy

    Andy True Classic

    Medford, Oregon
    Third reason to sell.. making room for new acquisitions. Which is my situation.
    I'll be posting some cars soon.

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