Windshields completly unobtainium?

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by Kevin Cozzo, Jan 12, 2019 at 3:27 PM.

  1. Kevin Cozzo

    Kevin Cozzo True Classic

    dallas tx
    Was just reading Colltech's Windshield thread. I am repainting, and now kicking myself for not getting one from Safelite a few years back when they said they were available...I called them the other day just to see, before reading his post, and he recommended all the sources previously stated- Pilkington, Ebay....
    So has anyone found a reasonable priced source again? How does shipping those insured work? Will the insurance fully reimburse it if it's damaged?
    I wonder how difficult it would be to cut around the windshield and ship it with some framing around it- At this point I would consider a used one- Carl? I know it's too soon to ask, but how was the red X windshield?
  2. Mechanogeek

    Mechanogeek True Classic

    Jacksonville, FL

    I purchased my glass from them, and they the glass that was inbound to them to be shipped to a commercial warehouse 2 hours away in Florida. Maybe they can work a deal where you can pick one up in TX instead of paying shipping (which is normally more than the glass costs).
  3. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    I still have 28 new original windscreens in stock. As I said in the previous thread, all have some imperfections because of their age.
    I also have one used.
    As stated before, I would rather not ship, but have the buyer pick the one they want.
    Plan on coming to my warehouse to examine what I have, closest airport is San Jose, San Francisco, or Monterey. Tie it into a visit to our part of the world, or even the Monterey Historic week events. 2019 is the 50th anniversary for our local club, Fiat America, and they have special events and plans for the Monterey week.

    Damage during shipping is something you should fully understand before hiring a shipping company. I normally suggest a company that specializes in rare art works, he will pick it up from me and wrap it in one of his blankets, and then deliver to your door. Bob is not cheap.
    Advantage is that then you don't have to pay me to build a crate.
    But even Bob charges extra if you want it insured...

    Most trucking companies require a much larger box if you want it insured. I suggest you read my glass policy on my web store to understand.
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  4. Kevin Cozzo

    Kevin Cozzo True Classic

    dallas tx
    Yeah Chris, wish you were closer, I just don't travel that often. as for the shipping thing, I'd like for it to get here in one piece no matter how I do it eventually, and be insured where it's no loss to me financially should it not get here undamaged..and of course there's always "the budget" also guess I need to start pestering the guy down the street with the X rotting and rusting in his driveway...Guess it's now worth about 800 bucks if it has a good windshield, has some cool wheels too. I think he's waiting for someone to offer him a million dollars..Pfff

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