X 1/9 performance parts garage sale.

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by johnph, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. johnph

    johnph Daily Driver

    New Hyperco 8" free length 2.5 ID 275# spring for your COILOVER conversion. pair $150
    Speedline Iron Cross 5 1/2 x 13 tubeless wheels. Need paint. 3 available each is $100
    X 1/9 1500 solid motor mount. Why use power to compress rubber bushings? $50
    Crane F266 10.95mm lift three quarter race autocross cam $50
    Momo race wheel (275mm) with 850 splined hub $50
    Vitaloni Californian mirror set $20 SOLD
    1974 X 1/9 OE plastic radiator grill (very good condition) $150
    88mm cosworth style piston set with pins and rings with 88mm bore block $40
    Parts are in Sacramento, California, USA

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  2. turkanaman

    turkanaman ran when parked

    Hey johnph,
    I'll take the vitaloni mirrors if they're in decent shape. I also need the pistons/block. Please Pm me with shipping and any more info about condition and specs of engine, mirrors.
  3. turkanaman

    turkanaman ran when parked

    btw, shppg is to 30315
  4. Eastep

    Eastep True Classic

    Interested in the camshaft.
    Does this have a stock base circle?
  5. Jepp78bertone

    Jepp78bertone True Classic

    Also interested in the camshaft if Eastep doesn’t buy it.
  6. johnph

    johnph Daily Driver

    The base circle on this is 25.74mm.
  7. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest True Classic


    Could you explain me how the solid engine mount bolt to the body bracket? Is it just "forced" into it?
  8. johnph

    johnph Daily Driver

    You bolt it up just like the stock rubber mount. This one is not drilled. So you could drill it to stock center or fit it to your car and then mark it to drill.

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