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    Contribution sent! Thanks for all you do. This forum is the best!
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    A quick update as of December 31, 2018:

    The operating fund contains $1,210 thanks to many generous donations this year. Thanks!
    In order to support the increased usage, I've stepped our hosting tier up. This should slightly improve performance, but also adds needed storage for the forum and backups, as well as enhanced technical support assistance.
    • VPS hosting, support $410
    • CPanel license $120
    • Xenforo forum software maintenance $40
    • Domain registration fees (.com/.net/.org) ~$50
    • XWeb 1.0 (archives - N54 now at Tapatalk) these are now free-tier hosting since Tapatalk took over Network54
    With an annual cost of about $600, we have funds to cover expenses for a couple years :)
    Our forum software will need to migrate to a new version sometime in 2019. This is important to maintain product support and compatibility. It will take some effort, but this shouldn't incur any financial outlay.
    Please let me know if you have questions. My goal is full transparency around the forum operational budget!

    Here's a snapshot of the YTD forums stats. Note that the user session count shows logged-in users only. With our typical read-only guest usage, the count is about 3x what is shown.
    Also attached, a list of posting stats by user. Congrats to @Dr.Jeff

    Screenshot from 2018-12-31 09-54-02.png

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    Dr. Jeff made the rest of us look like wallflowers! LOL :)
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