Zender, Kamei, Foha, BBS, others?


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Back when the X1/9 was still relatively new there were several European companies (examples in the title) making all sorts of aftermarket "styling" components for many makes/models of vehicles. What was ever offered for the X1/9? I vaguely recall there have been a couple of rather rare items mentioned here over the years. It would be fun to see a rundown of any such items.


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None of the ones listed in the title, but google
  • Schult
  • Wochner
  • Hörmann
  • Eurosport
Those were the big ones.


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Zender logo on rear wing.
Likely a generic wing for horizontal rear decklid fitment.

No logo on air dam, but likely is Kamei.
Possibly intended for 1st gen RX-7 fitment
though it fits X perfectly.

Wing is some kinda hard surface rubbery stuff over foam base.
Air dam is solid, thick rubbery stuff...bulletproof & heavy.
I painted both with flex agent added to acrylic enamel, OE metallic black.

Have had the pieces over 20 yrs...no others ever seen.
Car has been sitting in my family room for 15 yrs.
Finally accepting I'm unlikely to ever drive it again.


Ducktail spoiler. Compomotive version of BBS mesh wheels.
My former trackX, sold when my trackdays came to end.


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Please, we don't say "when my trackdays came to an end", we say " haven't been on a track day in years". At least that's what I tell people.

I'm sure most X owners back in the day did not know about FAZA but I'll assume Al had most of the X specific body enhancements. Luggage racks and fog lights were pretty much it for the great unwashed back then. It took 40 years for me to have an X with flares and snorkel.