128 sedan windshield gasket install


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I have a 77' 128 sedan, the windshield needs to be installed. I removed the old windshield which was smashed. The stainless trim was removed, the plastic trim strip (one with holes in it) was removed. The rubber gasket was removed, it was glued in and was flush with the body when it was installed. The internal edging was removed.

I cannot find the original rubber gasket, that was removed, it fit into the windshield body channel and was glued in, it was torn when removed. I have look and cannot find the same rubber gasket.

I have bought, as mentioned here the European gasket.

My questions are:
1. Does the European gasket get glued in?
2. If yes what type of glue do I use?
3. Does the windshield just fit into the gasket and that's it?
4. Does the stainless trim still fit? I have tried to dry fit and I am not sure if the trim fits on the car with the new gasket? Its a thick gasket
5. Does the internal edging fit with the European gasket?
6. Are all the windshields the same? I have two that I bought and they look the same and fit into the car but want to make sure?

Sorry for the long questions, I have searched old topics and their are some discussions on the gasket but not the complete explanation.

I have talked to many glass installers and they are no help, they have never seen a Fiat 128 and not sure if they want to install the glass.



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Not sure about Canadian cars, but USA cars had glued in windshields using a urethane like substance. I'm told the euro gasket won't fit the slightly larger USA windshield meaning you'll have to also source the proper size glass. You might check with C. Obert. Not sure where else you would find this in North America.


Daily Driver
I have the same question. plus:
I have 2 sedans. One 73 has the rear glass with original stainless trim with minimal rubber exposed. Looks glued-in
The 74 looks like the rear glass has been changed, and the gasket is quite a bit thicker, more like a pressed-in with gasket than glued in.
Are there two sizes of front and rear glass? and are the gaskets (if needed) available?

Here's a (maybe) helpful thread, if rubber gaskets needed. ( I will need)
The best tip there is that the metal trim is kept with the rubber on the glass throughout.