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  • gene cooley
    If you want to see what a good cage is worth search for "Rolex 24 guardrail wreck" from this years race. There are photos and video...
  • mkmini
    mkmini replied to the thread Grey X19.
    Leaks or what but oil consumption is 1l on 1000km. Changed coolant temp sensor for dash. It still lies, but less.
  • Rupunzell
    Rupunzell replied to the thread Missing shim washer in CV join.
    Not really a shim, it is a thick belleville washer or conical spring washer. This washer keeps tension on the CV joint to axle splines...
  • mkmini
    Added oil. 3 liters.
  • Rod Midkiff
    I have seen MWB has them for sale. I also have a few Axles laying around to pull one from. I had done CV joints when I was a...
  • Steve Hoelscher
    Most people think of a roll bar's function in a rollover on flat ground and its primary purpose is exactly that. But racing isn't a...
  • Agnelli
    As fortune would have it mine came with 5 brand new surplus cables. Which will likely go unused as when I installed the Hoelscher built...
  • Dr.Jeff
    Dr.Jeff reacted to Rod Midkiff's post in the thread Missing shim washer in CV join with Like Like.
    I am replacing CV joint boots (two of them are torn, and I am replacing all 4). I have the short side all apart, cleaned up, and...
  • Dr.Jeff
    Dr.Jeff replied to the thread Remote Oil Filter.
    Thanks Ulix. Good to know there is ample room for the filter hanging downward, and particularly a regular full size filter vs needing a...
  • Dr.Jeff
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    Hi Jeff, the pic shows the BMW part installed on my engine! :) As you can see in the pic, the shorty filter that is (temporarily)...
  • Dr.Jeff
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    You want a larger diameter piston on the rear to move the bias a bit more to the rear. 38mm pistoned modern type calipers are used with...
  • Rodger
    Rodger reacted to kmead's post in the thread Fiat X1/9 suspension re-fresh kits with Like Like.
    Wow! Very nice. I will be wanting two of each kit for my late X’s. I will PM you around the front kits which are available. Man I...
  • rshaw
    rshaw replied to the thread I'm back.
    maybe I'll send him a post card The dream is simple. I want to drive that X1/9 across Canada and the United States. My beautiful wife...
  • rshaw
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    Well get with it
  • tvmaster
    tvmaster replied to the thread I'm back.
    Well get with it