431,000 miles, Engine Swap


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A quick introduction - I am Jon with a 431K mile Scorpion project. I owned a Scorpion in the 80's and this is my second one. I am going to turn this project into the car that I think Lancia would have made without US regulations. So more power, Euro ride height, modified brakes, less weight and better lights.

I have completely redone the suspension and brakes, replacing all the rubber parts, seals and bearings. It will go back on with S1 springs.

I bought an '82 Zagato 2L engine and many parts for it; Jenvy throttle bodies, MegaSquirt, Guy Croft 4:1 exhaust, 65A alternator and aluminum bracket, hi torque starter, Scorpion water pump, EFI related sensors, fuel pump and more. I'm still scratching my head on pistons, rods and cams. The engine is cleaned up and mounted on my engine stand but not much else has been done. The alternator bracket needs modification - it is offset one pulley width from being aligned with the crank drive pulley and the water pump pulley. I'm halfway through that and I have removed the mechanical fuel pump lobe from the aux shaft. To support sequential fuel injection it needs not just crank position but also cam position. I picked up a Nissan 240SX optical distributor which I plan to drive off of the exhaust cam, somehow. It will also enable the MegaSquirt to control the wasted spark ingnition.

Lots of work to do! Obviously I like cars. In my garage I have a 2001 MR2 Spyder with 31K miles, an M235i BMW, 1 1998 911 Carrera, a 2002 Acura RSX Type S and a Mercedes wagon to move car parts around with.

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