600 master cylinder & caliper upgrade


True Classic
Hi, has anyone installed one of these dual circuit master cylinders into their fiat 600? It looks like it mounts perpendicularly to the stock master cyl orientation and uses a lever to transfer the force to the plunger. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

Also, I currently have what appear to be series 1 850 spider calipers installed on my 600 (PO installed). I’m calling them series one because they do not have the ears located on the long ends of the pads. Like these:

Not these series 2 types:

I need to either rebuild these calipers or change to the more available series 2 (‘68.5-‘73 850 sport & spider) calipers. 850 spindles and upper control arms are installed on my 600 currently. Question: can I install series 2 850 front calipers on my 850 front end with no modifications? Can I use the stock front 850 rotors or cross-drilled 850 rotors?