600D Spindle Rebuild Question


Low Mileage
A while back I busted the thread on one of my front spindles trying to get the nut off and am evaluating my options. I could just get a new or used spindle but that's kind of expensive, especially since they come in pairs. But I also saw a spindle rebuild kit that's sold by a few vendors (Oldtimer-Shop link). I can't figure out how it works and whether it can be used to fix the main thread.

Has anyone used a kit like this or has had better luck with other spindle repair methods?
Never mind- looks like this kit is just for kingpin rebuild. Don't think there's much that can be done to save the spindles.
How are your kingpins? Nice and tight or are they sloppy & worn? Here’s a little info on my kingpin rebuild journey…
It’s a process for sure, but well worth it. I have the reamer if you want to give it a try.