Abarth Engine Replacement

Oh yeah, I forgot to add a bit more detail with the video.

The car runs now. I put the original head on the new bottom end (nearly every exhaust valve was bent on the 10k mile "runs great" "tested" engine.

I was unable to test the performance as the knock sensor had a fault (could have been my fault, may not have plugged it in) so there was probably more combustion happening in the exhaust than the cylinders (maximum timing retard).

I had to do a bad thing to get it movable before heading back to school....I had to reuse the tappets, and may have mis ordered two of them. Mopar wants $50 per tappet, which is asinine, and they were multiple weeks backordered. I'm going to keep an eye on the valvetrain. Fingers crossed.

Engine replacement in these cars is extremely easy, IMO. Once I did it once, I'm no longer scared of doing pretty much anything to that car apart from the dreaded heater core, which it hopefully never needs.