Anyone know 'bouts the DeTomaso 1600?

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by TLR, Jun 17, 2009.

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    It looks pretty darn near like our beloved X/19, and it came about around the same time frame. Anybody in the know?
  2. DuaneEstill

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    Interesting you should ask....

    The De Tomaso 1600 was first displayed at the 1971 Turin show, and caused quite a controversy as it was so obviously a direct copy of the X1/9, which was a 'known quantity' at the time. It was designed by Tom Tjaarda. He recounts the story...


    "that was typical of the man." (referring to De Tomaso)

    "De Tomaso would often do something to see how people would react. One day he instructed me to visit him in a carrozzeria where a prototype X1/9 was standing, and copy it. So I did."


    It was almost certainly a one-off. That's all I know about it. This came
    from Winston Goodfellows excellent "Italian Sports' Cars."

  3. Dierk

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    Some more pictures:


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