Austin FIAT Club Event


'85 and '83
Yesterday, the semi-dysfunctional Austin FIAT Club (mostly FIAT 500 owners) held a get together at an Austin burger joint.

The X1/9 owners in town (Walter, Dennis, Ric and me) decided to invade their event and show them what REAL FIATS looked like! We arrived in unison and hung out with them for awhile. Sorry for the bad picture but their was no good angle from which, I could capture a better view.

One guy brought a sweet Alfa 4C - we learned he also has one or two non-running X1/9's - so maybe, we'll increase our little group by one more!

The Red X is Ric's - the Silver one next to it with the hood pins is Dennis's K20/24 and the Silver one next to that with Ricardo "Bucking Ass" badge is my just completed '83 restoration on her very first maiden voyage! Ran GREAT - lots of pictures and a post to follow.

Hey Ed,
We've been missing you. We get a few classic 124s coming out to events, but the x1/9s have disappeared. Ever since Rick got his step nose GTV that's all I've seen him drive :p

Next Austin club meet is on Nov 11th at Top Notch again.
Just want to remind everyone this is still a monthly event! Next one is on Nov 12th. Might even bring my Bertone this time.

Sure wish you were still with us, Ed!