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Discussion in 'Front-Engine Rear Drive Fiats' started by dnudelman, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. dnudelman

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    So it turns out that all calipers from 850 to 131 use the same Banjo Bolt. Its sae/imperial threads 3/8 - 24. Does anyone have any ideal which this part is not metric?
  2. Dr.Jeff

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    The calipers that don't use a banjo bolt, but have a fixed fitting on the end of the flex hose that threads directly into it, is the same size/thread.

    And to further complicate it, the same banjo bolt on the calipers from Fiat clones (e.g. Lada, etc) is a completely different thread (off hand I don't recall specifically what it is though).
  3. dnudelman

    dnudelman Daily Driver

    Glendale AZ
    Girling heritage? My Giulietta brakes were all Girling.
  4. Rupunzell

    Rupunzell Bernice Loui

    Same reasons why brake tubing is 3/16", clutch tubing is 1/4", rear brake caliper hose fittings are also 3/8"-24, seat belt bolts are 7/16"-20..... These are DOT specified threaded parts and tubing type.

    This hold true for all passenger vehicles sold in the US of A during that era and some still applies to this day.

    The part that is not SAE threaded is the coupling from the tubing on body to brake hose. These are M10-1.25 long style tube nuts for bubble flares. Then there is the odd M12-1.25 threaded tube nut for 1/4" tube on the end of the clutch master cylinder. This is unique to Fiat based cars that use that specific clutch master cylinder.

    Fiat had no need to purchase brake components from Girling, they are big enough to design, test and put into mass production brake and other hydraulic parts as needed.



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