Brought the K20 out for our local car show


True Classic
This past Saturday, our community Encanterra Car Club had their annual car show. Basically it’s just the members of our community here in Queen Creek that display their favorite cars. Mostly American. Mustangs, Vettes, Camaros, recent Mopar, etc. Several newer Porsches, a few BMWs, Mercedes, and about 5 recent Miata’s. A smattering of other odds and ends. It was an eclectic assortment to be sure.

When I was pulling in and getting directed to park, I overheard them say that they didn’t have enough Italian cars to have their own section so they put me in the European area. Only Fiats were mine and one recent 124 Abarth.

There were two other Italian’s but one was a Ferrari 308 GTS and a Lamborghini race car. They got to be up in the main area, of course.

I got a lot of nice comments on mine. Of course there were a few who came by and said that they used to have an X1/9 years ago but it was always breaking down or catching on fire. Got the expected Fix It Again Tony comments several times, haha. Quite a few were amazed to see that there were still any left.
Yes, I always get the "I had one years ago" and "I haven't seen one of those for years" comments.
Definitely like the blue, the only color I kike other than red on a car. Very "mechanical."In fact yours is my favorite blue X 1/9.