caliper dragging?


I have my brake system with 0 "mushyness" pedal feel is better than any car I have ever driven now.

The only problem is it pulls to the left under hard braking and the drivers side disc is 450F while the passenger side is only 240F.

I am pretty confident I have no more air in the system.

Is it most likely that the caliper is dragging?
Old hoses?

When was the last time you changes the rubber hoses? The hoses can swell on the inside and not let the fluid out of the caliper. This will cause a caliper to drag.
The List

You didn't say if the calipers were rebuilt or replaced. The first thing, air in one caliper won't make it pull to one side. The pressure equalizes between sides, even with air in only one caliper.

Most likely, you have a caliper sticking. 240 degrees is way too cool assuming you are taking temps right after a hard stop. So I suspect that you have a piston in one front caliper that is stuck and not applying enough pressure.

The pistons will stick in the bore from corrosion buildup from dirty fluid, moisture accumulation, weaping seals, etc... Also, the seals will harden up and bind the piston. If you haven't rebuilt the calipers, that is likely your problem.

The other causes can be a defective brake pad (don't laugh, its happened to me), sticking caliper sliders, a bad ball joint and a rear caliper sticking can make the car pull to one side as well. Although the feel is different.
As you are probably aware.. the calipers FLOAT on their mounts...

... and when the piston pushes against this inside pad... it actually PULLS the outside pad against the outside-side of the caliper.

When the pedal is released... the piston loosens and the presure SHOULD be released from the outside-side of the rotor... IF... the caliper is FREE to float on its mount.

IF NOT... then the pad tends to remain pressed against the rotor and heats up the works.

You don't wanna know what happens if this continues.

I suggest you get into that caliper and mount and take a peek... also look for cocked, bent or broken anti-chatter springs.

Let us know whatcha find.