Centering Steering wheel


True Classic
I've aligned my tracking but now my steering wheel is not quite centered when the car drives forward. I think the steering has been tampered with before becuase one of the track rod ends was siezed and to compensate for this the alignment shop set the alignment with the rods at different lengths. I've unsiezed the track rod and with equal distances the steering wheel is not centered

A friend told me to center the steering wheel Ineed to remove it. Then I need to undo the big nut (usually covered by the horn) to release the steering boss then turn it so that the splines mate up slightly differently - this will realign the wheel.

Is this correct?


Thats how I did mine .. drove forward in a straight line, then removed the wheel ( as you described) and moved round one spline tooth.
If its still out you can get it aligned at a tyre place, they put the wheel straight then align the road wheels.
Disconnect the battery ground unless....

... you really like listening to the horn while you're messing with the nut that holds the steering wheel on :)