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Discussion in 'X1/20 Forum' started by budgetzagato, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    I haven't verified the leak yet, but it appears my Scorpion has a leaking radiator, I observed what appeared to be coolant leaking from the tank seam on the right side (passenger side in the USA). Also, the pressure tank in the engine bay also is faulty, looks like the small nipple is glued on with epoxy or similar, but failing stuff.

    I'd love to hear what folks have done with these two areas. One thing I'm considering is a VW Scirocco radiator, available new for less than $100, and possibly a spherical VW coolant pressure tank, which I have in my parts. But I'd love to hear about and see pics of what others have done.
  2. jvandyke

    jvandyke True Classic

    West Michigan
    not always a good idea but often a cheap easy bandaid that may last a long long time
  3. my rad gave up last week and i have just bought the scirocco rad,its so light compared to the x1/9 one,is slightly bigger than the x1/9 one,i have just ordered a bigger fan so i only need to run one,should be fun fitting it but well worth it in the end :)
  4. Mark


    I know the original parts are hard to find, but I prefer to stay stock if possible. Having said that, the X1/9 and scorpion radiators are more or less identical, so an x1/9 would be my first alternative. The SS tanks from an X can easily be modified to work too and looks fairly stock.

  5. roadbox

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    Rockville, MD
    More than "more or less identical," they are, in fact, identical. I know it's risky to state absolutes on the Internet, but this is something I am 100% certain of.

    I'm sure someone will mention a Scirocco or Vicks rad upgrade, but I think the X/Scorp rad is more than capable if everything is refreshed a bit; hey, it was good enough for the Stratos! My Scorp has one of Chris Obert's Asian X rad copies and my X has a recored stock rad. Both are equally good, with the Asian copy just a bit better on cooling....

    John O.
  6. I was up in Missouri visiting my folks several years back and developed a 'pinhole' weeping leak on the gasket between the intake manifold and cylinder head on my Suburban... it was like 5pm and we had to drive back to Texas the next morning early! I knew I'd been loosing coolant for a few months really slowly, but this was the first time I'd ever seen any steam and could find an actual leak. I had to dump some of this stuff in the radiator that evening and presto... drove home with no leaks. 724 miles of 75-80mph highway driving back to Texas, holding my breath most of the way!!!!

    Got to work the next day and told my 'gearhead buddy' about it and he said "My experience with that stuff is it works for a while... then lets go!"

    3 days later!!!! :eek: thar she blows!

    If your leak is in a radiator you might get lucky. I've had thin cracks, joints etc in radiators that leaked and this gunk might have corked it up and held, but if it's a gasket that is starting to leak... I wouldn't hold out much hope on this stuff being a long term fix.
  7. waynewlw

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    Got an old Scorp radiator

    It has been setting outside(sort-a under cover) for a few years. Don't know if it leaks or not, can check if you would like to try it. It looks a bit rusty, but may be OK.

  8. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    Thanks but...

    Dean Rees is supplying one. Thanks for the offer! :nod:

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