Countack? MR-S?


Wow, that is a lot of work transforming a MR-S in to that. Fun to see Japan's version of the Fiero conversions!


Prune hands
Nice job. Just enough off to drive me crazy.

A huge improvement over the OE MRS that is for sure.

If I could have any car it would be an LP400 Periscopio. I know its not the best Countach but it is the original and nicest. Never cared for the LP500 bespoilered monster which graced most boys walls alongside Farrah Fawcett

Perhaps the original prototype would be a bit better still, like this car is trying to replicate. It just was never actually available. The original didn’t have the box scoops for the rear radiator which were added to the production cars to ensure they actually cooled…

Gandini did an amazing thing when he created the original car.

Him lifting the engine lid to the 1ZZG is really underwhelming.