Dead Central Locking, No Way To Open Tailgate :(

Discussion in 'Nuova 500' started by lookforjoe, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Ann's Tailgate wouldn't open today, when we went to load my tools for work on my Mum's house.

    Figured out the entire C/Lock was inop. but lights flashed, registering that the fobs were working. Found the 20A fuse blown (that's another annoyance - hard to get at, no removal tool supplied, no info cover that explains what's for what).


    Circuit was shorted, new fuse blew immediately.

    Figured out how to get the tailgate open - requires yanking off the interior panel, and then accessing a lever in the latch mechanism (not shown in the YT videos I found)



    Once I got it open, I pulled the harness partway back out the tailgate and found this:


    Thankfully with the wires isolated from each other everything worked as it should, so no damge to the BCM as others had described online.

    So, I cut & repaired the three ruptured wires and taped up the others that only had isulation problem, didn't want to make the harness too bulky


    Taped a tie wrap in there to prevent harness kinking so severely


    Put all back together & its all good again. Frustrating that so much is cheaply made on this car though :(

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