FFO 2019

Discussion in 'Events Forum' started by TonyK, Jul 12, 2019 at 9:16 PM.

  1. TonyK

    TonyK True Classic

    Grimsby Ont Canada
    A few pictures from the parking lot last evening. I brought a drone this year.


    At FFO 2019

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  2. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    Somebody has a new toy. Wish I was there with you guys.
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  3. Rod Midkiff

    Rod Midkiff True Classic

    Eugene, OR
  4. Andy

    Andy True Classic

    Medford, Oregon
    Man! Now I am amped up for the Oregon Event. One these years I'll make FFO. It's on the bucket list.
    Great pics Tony!
  5. kmead

    kmead Old enough to know better

    Very cool. I see Denise’s 124 there next to Matt’s hauler. Lots of familiar cars there.

    Neat way to see the cars and those two old ruddy duddies peering up at the machine...
  6. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
    Two requests:
    1. Please find out where next year's event is taking place and let us know.
    2. If any X-Web members win awards, please let us know that, too!
  7. bg82x

    bg82x Bob Grasch

    Sandwich, IL
    FFO 2020 will be at the Tail of the Dragon-Knoxville, TN. July 15-19. They also announced 2021 to be held in Lancaster, PA June 24-27th.

    Some of the X1/9 winners that I can recall. 1st place 74-78 X1/9 Matt Brannon. 2nd place unsure, 3rd place Mike Hynes. 1st place 79-82 X1/9 Janet Bailey, 2nd place Myself (Bob Grasch), 3rd place Shanon Gutierrez. Bertone X1/9 83-88 1st place Walter Forlini, 2nd place Blake Meloncon, 3rd place Brian Benson. The best X1/9 was awarded to Bob Martin for his 1987 X1/9.
  8. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    Very cool... Post more photos if you get a chance..
  9. Fiataccompli

    Fiataccompli Chris Granju

    Knoxville, TN
    Hope to see y’all in Knoxville next year! I will have the honor of being able to be part of the host group. I think the word is it will be a driving-oriented FFOC which is cool (says the guy who arrived in a minivan this year). One thing to say is the Dragon is really just one (world renown? Sure favorite? Depends) of soooo many great places to drive.

    Unfortunately I took few photos of the cars this year...sorry
  10. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    Hard to beat those drone photos TonyK. Nice work. +1
  11. TonyK

    TonyK True Classic

    Grimsby Ont Canada
    Just a little history here about Bob Martin's car. He purchased the car from a one owner lady located in North Carolina. She was 76 at the time and it was her 3rd X1/9. On a chance Bob looked the lady up now in a retirement village and 88 years old and talked to her. Her son was at the home at the time and they both visited the show at the Grandover and Bob spent most of his time talking to her about the car. Bob will be sending the award to her along with show pictures and a big thanks for attending the show and selling him the car. Just the kind of guy Bob is.


    Leaving in the morning from FFO 2019

    Will post more pictures of the show when I get back home.
  12. Rod Midkiff

    Rod Midkiff True Classic

    Eugene, OR

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