Fiat X1/9 Frankenstein: A Rotary-Swapped Hella Sweet Car of the Week

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Rupunzell, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Rupunzell

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    “The 1.5L fiat motor was worked over to produce an honest, reliable 120 horsepower and we got about 2.5hrs on a tank,” Ice said. “Very drivable.” And good lord did it sound good."

    ~Fact is and proven during LeMons endurance racing, that Lampredi designed, Fiat produced SOHC ... IS durable-reliable and tough if property done. We have run more than two LeMons races on it and that same LeMons race motor will end up in the 74' until the 1600cc variant can be made.

    ~Design of the cam cable shifter for the Porsche 901 was done with some geometric relationship and force required calculations (I'm sure the mechanical engineering folks would not have done them this way.. I'm not a mechanical engineer). Force required got a 10X abuse factor added, then some rough sketches made. All the machined parts were made in the garage machine shop, assembled then tested and set up on a Porsche 901 mock-up. What respect for the Porsche 901 gear box went down the drain after dealing with it on this level as there are a host of things Porsche did which were basically inept. The cam-cable shifter was highly criticized by a working automotive mechanical engineer in Detroit who said it would not work, fragile and bound to fail. Many years of LeMons racing later, that cam-cable shifter has worked as it should and has been reliable except for shearing a Porsche supplied roll pin... Which got replaced by drilling out the M6 roll pin hole to 0.2495" then installing (slight press fit) one NAS6304 aerospace bolt and matching nut.. end of another Porsche induced problem.

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    Ha, I've known folks like you when I road raced motorcycles, they admitted they had more fun wrenching on their bikes than actually racing them.
    Hats off to innovation and I hope the smiles in the pictures are genuine, I have a hard enough time just doing mods on my street X.
    I like that rear trunk wall brace, making it bolt in would make working on an X motor amazingly simple.

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