Finally got a smaller steering wheel!...


Rich Banks
The other MOMO "racing line" was too big in diameter and inhibited legroom...thanks to evilbay, found this smaller MOMO Corse wheel which is the same size as the one in Rudy's car. MAN what a difference! Hopefully you can see that in the pics...was taken with my 2mp iPhone 3G cam, could do better with the bigger digital, oh well lol

So Rich...

How is the view of the gauges with the smaller wheel. My 79 had a small Grant sport wheel with a thick grip and it blocked the top of the speedo as well as a lot of the tach.


Any issues with the view? It is a nice looking wheel for sure.
i got a sunpro tach screwed to the top steering column housing:)
blocks the stock tach AND the speedometer...
Hey Rich... now you can put on an extra 20 pounds...


I noticed one other "lightweight" replied also (Jim) but I heard he's trimmed down a bit. Maybe he can re-install his stocker once again and go for a Concours Award!

Good to hear from you... btw!
so the racing line one you had was 350mm and then this one is 320? I am looking for a wheel and not sure what size to buy 350 or 320.
Yeah the racing line was a 350, this one is a 320, but....

the top half is bigger so I can see the gauges pretty much the same as the top half on the other could use a lil trimmin hehehe. LOTS more legroom too tho. Heya Tony! good to be back in action, miss Cali lots, but doing very well here nonetheless, bigger house, closer to work, house is next to my parent's etc (thats a GOOD thing haha). Hope your doing okay my friend, miss hanging out at your house tinkering with the X and sipping a MOXIE! My daughter calls you "Uncle Tony" now. Take care all, Cheers! :)
now my next question is, what hub adapter are you using? I am looking for this same setup only I will be using an NRG quick release so the wheel will be sticking out a bit more, but it doesn't look like your hub adapter adds any extra space so that would be perfect.