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Forum friends - It is time for me to do something I’ve struggled with for some years. This X was my introduction to Fiat ownership as a teenager. In the intervening 35 years the car has been with me, quite a number of X1/9’s have come and gone, but this special one has remained close to my heart. I still recall the thrill when I first drove it off the lot.

I learned how to work on the car myself, honed my autocross skills, and connected with fellow enthusiasts, some of which developed into XWeb. I’ve enjoyed many memorable drives, and done countless modifications - more than I'll ever remember. For the past 15+ years, I've often been far away from the car, yet still dropped by to provide occasional exercise that keeps it (and me) operational.

But life brings change. I’m no longer the slim and flexible 19-year old I was. Recent health challenges make wrenching on it, driving, and even getting into it much tougher than it used to be. I no longer have my lift for mechanical work, and the garage I’m parking it in now will be going away this year. So, it’s now time for the car to find a new home with another enthusiast who will continue the enjoyment.

This is not a factory-original show car. It’s been driven, parts rebuilt or swapped, many things tweaked or changed (especially engine, fuel and ignition control), and there are some imperfections. That said, the car has been garaged for most of its life, the body is very sound, with no significant rust to be found anywhere, and the paint still mostly shines. Take a look through the photos and see.

In addition to the car, there’s a sizable collection of parts that needs to move on as well. In about 2000, I bought out the remaining inventory from a former FIAT dealer. Some of these pieces were sold at that time, some used on this car, and some - mostly smaller - retained for future use. A number of these parts proved difficult to identify and some are not for X1/9s. There are also spares from cars I’ve parted out. and a number of items I've purchased over the years but not used.

On top of that, you also get a spare 1500 high-performance engine that was built for and ran in the WedgeX autocross car for a couple years. Details on that one below.

At this stage, my goal is to offer the car and all the related items as a package deal. Managing my own health issues, along with a struggling parent, two house sales, a graduating senior, and very uncertain employment prospects, I don’t have the bandwidth to part everything out and distribute separately right now.

The car and most of the parts are currently in Chelan, WA (dry climate!), about a 3 hour drive east from where I’m living in the Seattle area. I make it over there periodically and will be happy to provide more photos when I do. To transport the car+everything else would probably require a small UHaul and trailer. While I have taken spirited drives of 30 miles or so in the hills, I wouldn’t consider a long distance drive without refreshing a few pieces and most certainly some more recent tires.

I’m soliciting offers for everything listed starting at $7500. Note that I plan to donate 10% of the transaction to the XWeb operations fund.

I’ll continue to run the forum administration and finances for the time being. After 11 years though, I’d like to hand over the reins to someone new to keep Mac’s creation going. Linux+ general database, networking, email knowledge are the primary skills, along with a mostly level head!

Happy to answer questions and discuss any logistical concerns in thread or privately. Here are all the details I can think of at this stage, and links to photo albums of both the car and the parts.

1980 Fiat X1/9
S/N 128AS000133408 - 4/80 production date

Purchased used from Carter VW - Seattle WA in October 1985

This was one of the very early model FI cars. To the best of my knowledge it was sold new in the Seattle area and remained in Washington state until I purchased it a few years later.

Recent Photos/videos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QDpw59uFW5p8XBHKA

Powertrain specs:
Current engine block build occurred in late 2001. Fuel+Ignition mods done 2009-2010. There’s probably < 2000 miles covered in the past 10 years.

1500 FI block bored to 87mm. Block decked .010
Crank ground .010" under, new bearings
9.2:1 pistons and rods balanced.
Lightened factory flywheel (done by PBS!)
1500 FI Head with .030" shave
Mild porting plus matching of head and intake runners
FAZA 35/75 Cam
Piper adjustable cam pulley.
Megasquirt II - v3.57SMD assembled board
Ford EDIS ignition with tooth wheel attached to modified crank pulley
Factory FI plenum, runners, fuel rail
Injectors cleaned and flow tested at build
large cone air filter and fabricated intake piping
VW Idle air control valve
Vick Auto header - ceramic coated
Custom dual-tip muffler (Camaro-type), professionally welded. No catalyst.
Rebuilt transmission using 3.59:1 Strada diff (stock is 4.08)

Other interesting mods:
Aluminum Radiator with cooling fans from the XWeb Bob Grasch group buy
Whoa Brakes front kit (one of the very first kits - RIP Jim Fierst)
Mildly lowered with IAP springs
KYB struts
Professionally reupholstered seats sourced from a 79 X1/9
Cromodora Daytona CD31 - 13 x 5½ - Refinished by me
Yokohama A509 185/60x13 - look to be in amazingly good condition but are VERY old.
Driver seat track modified for more rear travel
Engine Cover with rain tray removed. Original engine cover also included
Passenger side mirror added with glass from later model year
Custom manufactured Aluminum strut top washers
Front grill is early style, with late style spoiler
Bosch driving lights with relay, switched independently of main lights
Momo racing line steering wheel
Blaupunkt CDStereo with 4x6 speakers behind seats
Battery disconnect

Known issues:
Some additional tuning would be helpful to improve torque at the very bottom end (part of this is due to 35/75 cam)
Paint: Thin/faded on trunk lid, some larger chips on passenger door and arches, stain from oil on hood (pics), generally good elsewhere
Divot in windshield (all glass is believed to be original, except quarters)
Original carpet - bare spots/small hole in driver foot well near pedals
Original ashtray frame had been cut out - replacement center console included, not installed
Horn doesn’t work
Windshield wiper linkage/wiring attention or upgrade. Wipers have not been used in 20 yrs!
Currently indicated odometer reading is inaccurate as the car ran with a broken speedo cable long ago. Should be closer to 70k.

Also included: collection of Fiat/Lancia Parts and Spares

Highlights, not installed:

See photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/C29a8c56DLAArNhc6

Mark Plaia pivots - unused
Full set of new OE matching key locks
Set of 4 used Koni struts.
Second very good roof panel
Glass moonroof to install in roof panel
Red rear turn indicator lenses - some NOS I think
Instrument panel lens NOS
CD91 center caps NOS
2 aftermarket steering wheels - Formuling (small) and Luisi (13.5”?)
Wheels: (photos to be added)
Set of 4 +1 - Cromodora Iron Cross 13 x 5½ - used, previously refinished by Apple Motors
Set of 4 +1 - Cromodora CD91 - 13 x 5 - used, unrestored
1500 Heads + Block with overbore + cranks
PBS SX1 Cam - believed to be not a regrind
Many misc engine pieces
Several Transmissions. Some Diffs - 4.08 and 3.59
Factory plenums, manifolds, downpipes
OE Bosch FI electronics+harness
Two sets of 1500/5spd bumpers
Pair of tan Yugo floor mats that are a close fit
Many Valve adjustment shims
Several special tools that were obtained or created
Engine hoist
Various manuals

Also included: 1500 Autocross Engine
Has been turned over by hand periodically but has not run since about 2007
1500 FI block bored to 87mm. Block decked
Crank ground .010"? under, new bearings
11:1 pistons (bought new from Al Cosentino!)
Pistons and rods balanced.
1500 FI Head with .030"? head shave and mild porting
FAZA 40/80 Cam with Piper adjustable cam pulley.
Windage tray
This engine was used for two autocross seasons in the famous WedgeX.
Here’s a video of it on track:


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Gosh that is a lot to digest.

This whole getting older thing is less than desireable.


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Great looking car, Mark! Lots of nice goodies too. If I were the buyer I'd have to re-install the autocross engine, maybe with a pair of Webers. Unfortunately I'd never be able to license the car down here. That, plus the last time I tried to get into an X I realized how less limber I've become since my 20s, too.

We lived in the Seattle area through most of the 1990s and heard many good things about Lake Chelan, but unfortunately never made it over there. GLWS!


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Giving this a Springtime bump before I start advertising elsewhere. Willing to discuss reasonable offers too. I'd love to see this go to another XWeb member.


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Seriously wish I had the money to purchase the vehicle and the parts. I currently reside 25 minutes away in Brewster, WA... I grew up in Chelan! Looks like a great car for somebody!