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Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by budgetzagato, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    We've been getting a lot of multiple- and otherwise non-conforming posts here in the FW&W forum. Please combine your for sale posts into one thread if you have many things to offer for sale on any given day. Otherwise the mods will:

    A) combine them for you and it's not always pretty,
    B) delete multiple postings without bothering to combine them, depending on our mood at the time.

    Please review the for sale and wanted forum guidelines here:

    And remember, the volunteer moderator team is made up of fellow enthusiasts who also have duties like family and work beyond Xweb.

    If you see a non-conforming post, please report it using the warning triangle icon in the upper right corner of each post. This sends a message to the moderator team with a link to the post in question, and the reaction will often be quick. Thanks everyone.
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  2. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA
    BUMP. A reminder on the reminder. Multiple items offered for sale on the same day should be grouped into one post. Thanks
  3. Jimmy II

    Jimmy II Fair weather only

    West End, NC
    Thanks for volunteering.

    Otherwise, we got nothing.

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