Individual 1985 X1/9 bits for sale, keep an eye on this as I add items

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by Chris Obert, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    First, I must tell you that I am a vendor.

    In my spare time I will be removing items from the wrecked car. If there is not someone who has specifically asked for it, I will put it here.
    If the item does not sell in what I consider a reasonable time, I will check it into my inventory at a higher price.
    Price as marked, you pay the shipping in addition. If your delivery address is in the state of California I MUST charge you sales tax!

    1. Three Tron wheel hubcaps.
    Free! Sold.

    2. Dealer accessory right floor mat. This goes on top of the carpeting, and looks like almost new.
    $25.00. Sold.

    3. Trunk metal removable floor with upper insulation attached, 4325781.
    to 01-17-2020 trunk floor.JPG

    4. Trunk floor carpet, 1985-88, 7534733.
    to 01-17-2020 7534733.JPG

    5. Trunk front wall cover, 1985-88, 4462941.
    to 01-17-2020 4462941.JPG

    6. cooling fans.
    $25.00 each. sold.

    7. right head lamp motor with linkage as shown
    to 01-17-2020 4431015.JPG

    8. right front spindle with hub. Hub has great threads, and bearing feels like new.
    to 01-17-2020 4391431.JPG

    9. trunk emblem, posts mount horizontally.
    to 01-17-2020 4463172.JPG

    10. rear trunk lid prop with hub and rubber washer.
    to 01-17-2020 4307901.JPG

    11. Battery cover, some minor cracks but not broken.
    to 01-17-2020 4245944.JPG

    12. right hard top latch. Also fits Lancia Stratos!
    to 01-17-2020 4308243.JPG

    13. Bag o parts salvaged from radiator.
    01-17-2020 rad.JPG

    14. hard top mounting kit for front trunk 4246298, 4246299, 4246300, 4245959, 4245952, 13274211. These parts should be considered to be as close to new as possible as the car's owner kept his hard top mounted 100% of the time. The two 4245952 may need some massaging as that part of the car is really bent.

    15. front or rear side marker to body rubber gasket 4245815.

    16. later strut top rubber cover. Please note that all have partial damage on the retaining part, but if you glue it on you will never know!
    $5.00 each

    17. front trunk carpet, 5997941
    $47.50. now sold.

    18. clutch fluid reservoir, with bracket 4362541

    19. full sized brake fluid reservoir, with mounting bracket, 4394459.
    $45.00. This item has been called for, but payment is still pending.

    20. front brake hoses, pair, recently replaced after I started servicing the car, 4428541
    $20.00 for the pair

    21.battery retaining bracket, 4245241

    22. battery negative cable with quick disconnect, 4422940

    23. wiper arm 4336507
    $10.00 each.

    24. rubber trim for headlamp motor access, 4308146

    25. left cowl vent screen, not perfect but can be used with some patience, 4245759

    that's all I can load to this thread. Stay tuned for another thread!

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  2. myronx19

    myronx19 True Classic

    Toronto, ON Canada
    PM sent
  3. Tavalin

    Tavalin Michael Motorcycle

    Tampa, Florida
    Was that for all the parts???
  4. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    Everything with a picture is still available. And if there is something you need that I have not posted, please ask!

    Otherwise, as I have time I will continue to add items to the thread.
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  5. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    3 items added...
  6. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    9 items added before I maxed out the thread. Stay tuned for a new thread!
  7. Jeff Stich

    Jeff Stich True Classic

    Norco, CA
    No need to create yet another FS thread, just post a "Reply" to your initial post (above) & continue to add items as desired. Lather, rinse & repeat as necessary.

    (Xweb has a built-in maximum photo allotment per single post, not per entire thread)
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  8. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    Thanks Jeff. I will just add to this thread as I get the time.
  9. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    Hey @Chris Obert

    How about $5 for the little bracket the holds the fuel pressure regulator?
  10. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    Items offered, continued.

    26. Right cowl grill with minor damage, 4245758.

    27. Lower battery tray, 4435173.

    28. wiring cover on right side of front trunk, 92037886.

    29. 1979-88 windscreen washer tank bracket, 4422554.

    30. Front or rear, right or left, bumper shock 4422445, with rubber for right front. I will sell the rubber separately if desired.

    31. nut for wiper post thru cowl 16110780. I do have more than one!

    32. left head lamp motor with associated linkage, 4431016.

    33. left low tone horn, with bracket, 4410409. I have the right high tone also!

    34. windscreen washer jet pair, 4400321.

    35. right front inner fender liner sold.

    36. Right front brake caliper 790329. Has been working without issues. These fit most Fiats imported into the USA from 1968-88.

    37. Right front suspension corner, with hub & knuckle 4391432. Bearing is good, brake rotor is recently new (I have two if desired), brake caliper mounting bracket, wheel spacer, front locating rod with front mounting bracket, lower suspension arm with ball joint (replaced recently), KYB strut (replaced recently), camber adjustment bolt (I have 2 if desired), stock coil spring (I have the one from the other side, so I can offer a pair), upper spring perch (I have two if desired), Plaia upper strut bearing (I have two if desired), and Plaia upper strut mount. Includes related hardware unless it gets parted out.
    I will gladly part this item out, just send me a message for what section(s) you want to we can get an agreed on price.

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  11. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    When I look in the parts book it appears to be part of the "left" fuel rail. Can you send me a picture, or an original Fiat part number, to help me understand what you need?
  12. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    I won't have access to my car until the 1st, but will try to find a picture online for you...
  13. Michael Oxman

    Michael Oxman The Journey Begins!

    IMG_20200119_131121.jpg I can use one of the light socket units from the tail light assembly. I don't need the assembly so it doesn't matter if it got smashed. I just need one of these black pieces IMG_20200119_131121.jpg . Please let me know.
  14. 78paesano

    78paesano True Classic

    Las Vegas, NV
    I'll take #17 front trunk carpet and #19 full size reservoir. I'll send you PM for contact. Thanks
  15. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    Both lamps are there, and both have damage. But this part should be OK. Tell me what you are willing to pay, and if you want the socket assemble for the single element bulb, or the dual element bulb?
    It would also be nice to know if you wan the right or left... But only for my own ease of removal.
  16. Chris Obert

    Chris Obert autocrosser, X driver

    I still have the carpet, and look forward to your contact so we can make the deal.
    Sorry, the brake fluid reservoir has already been spoken for.
  17. myronx19

    myronx19 True Classic

    Toronto, ON Canada
    I received the fans - thanks!

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