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K20 Build at Midwest

Discussion in 'Discussion Forum' started by Smaugz, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Rodger

    Rodger True Classic

    Olympia, WA
    That looks sooo nice!
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  2. fiatmonkey

    fiatmonkey Tim Hoover

    Redwood City, CA
    That paint pops! Looks great...
  3. Smaugz

    Smaugz Daily Driver

    All kudos go to Brayden Conelly. He's the man doing the build.
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  4. sub-zeroil

    sub-zeroil Daily Driver

    hollywood fl
    sorry sorry still great job !
  5. Smaugz

    Smaugz Daily Driver

    Well I was sleepless for the last week waiting in anticipation for "The Email" hoping it came soon enough to beat the weather. When Brayden sent me the email I checked the weather and we were good to go. I called my best bud and fellow X1/9er Dennis and away we went on the long voyage to Ohio. We stayed overnight in Ashland so we would have a short drive the next morning. After we woke up, we found out the weather gods were in a foul mood and Buffalo was supposed to get hammered. It was a rush and go but Brayden did do the reveal and I was still amazed though I got a few peaks at some early pics. The work that was done has made the car look and sound like the most joyous music an X1/9 can make. The 7 hour drive home had me grinning so hard my cheeks were sore.The sad part is that because winter is here it will be put to sleep for the duration. Was it all worth it. HELL YES!! Here are a few pics.

    20171205_111209 (Medium).jpg

    Left to right Brayden, Marnie, Dennis, Matt and my X

    20171206_150123 (Medium).jpg
    Finally back home

    20171206_150147 (Medium).jpg

    20171206_150156 (Medium).jpg

    The car is blue, Light and camera can't handle it

    20171206_150225 (Medium).jpg

    20171206_150235 (Medium).jpg

    20171206_150242 (Medium).jpg

    20171206_150733 (Medium).jpg

    Bedtime, See you next year. Thanks for watching,Don
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  6. darwoodious

    darwoodious Darin Nelson

    Seattle, WA
    Ridiculously fast (3 months) for a "frame off" resto-mod. Lucky ducky!


    (any chance of some engine bay pics?)
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
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  7. Brayden_connolly

    Brayden_connolly Daily Driver

    Don thank you for the kind words, I hope you enjoy the car for many years to come!

    For those who enjoyed watching this build keep your eyes open, I will be starting another fun project in the near future...:)
  8. sub-zeroil

    sub-zeroil Daily Driver

    hollywood fl
    not even one engine bay pic to drool on ? not fair !!!!!!:(
  9. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest Daily Driver

    Gorgeous. Seems we have more and more nice X1/9's in Ontario! Hope you will have some nice time sitting in your car in the garage over the winter.
  10. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest Daily Driver

    Question: No window handles, where are hidden the switches?
  11. beezee

    beezee True Classic

    Congrats on getting the car back home. I hope I have the chance to see it one day.

    I met up with Dennis a couple of months ago and he sold (and gave) me a few pieces to help with my restoration. He is a great guy and knows the X1/9 very well.

  12. JimD

    JimD Waiting for Godot... Moderator

    Missouri, USA

    In the 2nd to last photo, look forward of the stick shift, above the 2 add on gauges. I see the switches up there. :)
  13. Daniel Forest

    Daniel Forest Daily Driver

    Oh yeah! That's creative!
  14. Brayden_connolly

    Brayden_connolly Daily Driver

  15. X1/9Cruiser

    X1/9Cruiser True Classic

    Some driving impressions would be appreciated! Great looking car and install!
  16. kmead

    kmead True Classic

    Grand Rapids, MI
    Congrats on a great looking car. That engine looks like it wants to be in there.

    Great job by the MWB team! Another remarkably sanitary install and beautiful refurbishment of the whole car.
  17. Smaugz

    Smaugz Daily Driver

    The drive home was lots of fun. I don't think I pulled over to stop that many times on the trip home ever. All these stops meant I had to pull back onto the highway and I got to feel the V-TEC kick in and weld my spine to the seat. In 1979 I purchased a brand new x1/9 and remember the feeling of the 10 extra horsepower and going wow. The K20 has surpassed those memories. I had always dreamed of an X1/9 pulling off the line with an amount of power that it actually deserved. This has flown by my highest expectations. The handling and ride setup by Brayden was absolutely perfect and did not need to be tweaked. He knew exactly what I wanted. The LED bulbs that Brayden installed help get rid of a lot of the electrical issues along with the Bob Brown Wire Mod as well as the Extra relays on the Headlamps and arthritic wipers. It still hasn't snowed yet so I am off to give it one last good run before storing it away for the winter. Again thanks for keeping up with the saga.
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  18. Dan Sarandrea (Phila)

    Dan Sarandrea (Phila) Waitin' On Parts...

    Philadelphia, PA
    OK, I'll be the one to ask.....how much did it cost?
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  19. 78paesano

    78paesano True Classic

    Las Vegas, NV
    I was on a long layover in CMH last month and rented a car and came by to see Matt, I saw this car and the yellow one next to it. I have to say. I'm sold on this conversion. I told Matt that I will be in touch and possibly get on the list next year.
  20. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    So COOL :D

    Very clean work all around, and great color :)

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