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LED Headlights?

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by bg82x, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. bg82x

    bg82x Bob Grasch

    Sandwich, IL
    A few years back I installed new headlight housings using H4 bulbs. After just a few years I have noticed the inside of the glass is foggy. Also water seems to be getting inside the headlight housing. I was thinking of replacing these with LED headlights. Does anyone have any advice or experience on using LED headlights? Any recommendations on a specific product to use? All advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. Tavalin

    Tavalin Nebraska Mike

    Tampa, Florida
  3. JDExSquid

    JDExSquid Not quite a Daily Driver!

    Stockbridge, GA
    I picked up a pair of these and they work very well.


    2X 7'' H4 H/L H13 40W 7INCH Round LED Headlight Kit for Jeep Wrangler JK CJ TJ
  4. ecohen2

    ecohen2 True Classic

    Arlington Va
    I have a pair that I am about to upgrade to another pair. I absolutely love the LED headlights and they are a major improvement over traditional headlights. The two biggest complaints come from not understanding the color temperature and the brightness. Depending on your eyesight and your driving you are going to want different numbers.. I like a more white than blue....
  5. fastx19

    fastx19 Administrator Moderator

    Santa Clara, CA
    I agree with ecohen2. I have also found it depends on where you drive the car. If you are mostly in town or residential areas, then LED is great. Now, for the LED's I had, I found if you are out in the middle of nowhere, they don't perform as well as regular or HID, particularly in the long distance category. For example, when I lived in the San Jose area of CA, the LED's were amazing! However, living out in the middle of nowhere arizona, not so much, they diffuse way too much before getting downrange. Hope this helps.

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