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in the Chicago area is not good. I've driven all summer and the temp never went a degree above 190. Yesterday while driving home from the dentist I turned on the heater and got cold air. I checked the engine heat and it was approaching 190. I figured okay I have a problem with the heater, but didn't get too concerned until the engine temp reached 190 and kept on climbing. I turned the heater blower on high, thinking it might help but the temp kept on climbing and the heater kept blowing cold air. I was getting ready to pull over and let things cool down, but while looking for a good place to stop, the temp started to drop and went below 190. So, okay the thermostate was stuck closed, but why no heat??
Hi Al,

Before you assume the t-stat stuck, check your coolant level. That is a classic sign of an air pocket reaching the pump. When this happens obvioulsy there is no circulation so there is no heat.

I added a recovery tank to my car to help solve this problem.
heater valve

I would start with heater valve .maybe you moved the lever but it didn’t open the valve .its on the passenger side of the heater box .be careful watching for leeks. It was a Florida car so the heater may not have been used much the valve could be stuck or the core may be bypassed.

On my car I have heat weather the T stat for the radiator is open or not I will have heat even if I show 150 degres.also cheeks all the rubber lines for the heater core to see if they are pinched.
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