nose job


Dennis Jones
The X1/9 is back home from the body shop after having it's crunched nose panel repaired. I know it's silly but it just seemed wrong to have that empty space in the garage, kind of like a strong "what's wrong with this picture" feeling every time I opened the door to the garage... ANYWAY - It's back now and looking pretty good too. The repaired panel's color doesn't color doesn't quite match but it is pretty close. While they were at it I had 'em repair the flaws on the headlight covers so they look better too. I still need to put the bumper back on (I had removed it myself before taking it to the body shop - I didn't see the sense of paying professionals to do this step) but I don't plan to drive it again till spring so there's no rush. Here - take a look!

BEFORE - bumper off & ready to take to the body shop

AFTER- better, don't you think?

cheers - dj
Looks a lot better Dennis

I can kinda sorta see the diff in paint color, not too bad. Are you going to get a set of new "B E R T O N E" stickers? That would probably reduce the visibility of the subtle diff in color.

I do plan to replace the nose lettering. Thought it may be a good idea to let the paint cure before I do so I won't worry about that detail just yet.
I actually like it with the lettering a little more. Makes it...pop. More of a rally look, guess. Which I'm not usually big on, but works well on this one.

Work looks good from this vantage point. Hard to tell on the color, but the shine looks right nice.:cool: