OEM H4 Headlight Relay Wiring Harness System 4 Headlamp Light Bulb Fix Dim Light

Discussion in 'FS&W Forum' started by deacoes, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. deacoes

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  2. jvandyke

    jvandyke True Classic

    West Michigan
    Wow, that's nuts. What drove them to decide to produce that for such an obscure tiny market? No idea if those plugs are correct. Bob should be here shortly to tell us?
    BTW I'm getting ready to add relays to a friend's '82 and was going to do his like I did mine, relays added to the fuse area before the OEM fuses. It's just a lot easier that way, what is the draw back besides still going through the stock harness from fuses forward to lights? I would think you'd still get the benefit of power for lights and off loading the switches and such right?
  3. budgetzagato

    budgetzagato Administrator Moderator

    Olympia, WA USA
    Yes, relays before the headlight wires/fuse panel is a good solution, and how I did it on my Scorpion.

    On early X/Scorpion fuse panels, it's easy to plug and play the wires from the panel and use them to trigger the relays, and use the original panel-to-light wires to supply power to the lights. The original X and Scorpion panel-to-light wires have no connections to insert into anyway. The stock wire is 12g and very capable.

    This protects the ignition and headlight switches, since this way they are only carrying the relay switching loads.

    These kits may be fine, but may have extra wire length and the ad doesn't specify the wire gauge used in the kits. I have sent this question to the seller, if they know the answer why not put it in the ad?
  4. Russe11

    Russe11 True Classic

    4 headlight system

    In the application guide, it says it fits the '74-82 X1/9's, but I think it would only work on models with a 4 headlight system. It looks like it would have to be re-configured to work on any X I've seen.

    Reminds me of a time I searched eBay for X1/9 parts, and came across video monitors for back seat passengers... But, they said it would fit.
  5. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    I'd love to know how you make out with these

    The big differences I see from mine:

    They run 4 lamps from 2 relays, the ones I build run 2 lamps from 4 relays. (Any X's out there with 4 headlamps? :confuse2: )
    They use 16Ga wire, I use 12Ga Marine grade wire.
    They use "straight" wire sockets, mine use 90 Deg. sockets like the X1/9. (guides the wire better)
    You will have to cut their assembly apart to install, mine are separate assemblies ready to install.
    Theirs use low current relays with metal tabs that will start to rust in 1 season, mine use 30 amp relays with rust-free plastic tabs.
    They claim OEM, I do not. (I'd like to see an X where this is OEM) :grin:
    Theirs is $20, mine are $149. Me thinks you get what you pay for. :)

  6. Window relays?


    I have your headlight relay installed, works great.

    Maybe I've been dark too long on this site and haven't seen any offerings... but at the risk of hijacking this thread... Do you also make power window relay plug-in harnesses for a 87 X?

    At $20, I'd be concerned of China quality, I still remember China's dog food killing spree.

    If you do make power window harnesses, put me down for a set.

  7. bbrown

    bbrown Bob Brown Moderator

    New Hampshire
    I've never offered them

    I made up a set for the Trailer Queen, now owned by Jim. (WYOX19)
    They were compact units that inserted between the X1/9's harness and window motor leads. Worked out very well.

    I've not made any since but someday I'd like to make up PCB versions that are very compact.
    Maybe Mr.Steve Lawson can help me with that? (Steve, PM me if that's a possibility. I already have the layout sorted for a single layer board)
  8. rx1900

    rx1900 1981 X1/9


    Well...I've just got to comment on this.

    Jeff: dont be amazed. Like many Ebay items listed for the X1/9, this is NOT an X1/9 specific item. It's just a universal kit that fits many, many cars. Fact is, the headlight plug on any round headlight car is the same worldwide, be it a Chevy or a Fiat. But yeah, it will work on an X1/9.

    Russe11: yes, you are correct. This particular kit is actually for a car with 4 round headlights. Of course an X only has 2. But it will still work. You will just be left with a couple of plugs you won't be using. The same Ebay vendor actually has a kit for a 2 headlite car (like an X ) - even a bit cheaper:

    Poke around Ebay some more and you will find lots of similar kits. In reality, they all use the same principles that Bob Brown employs...

    Any kit -be it an Ebay one or Bob Brown's - has got to be an improvement over the stock Fiat wiring. It's always good to supply more voltage to the headlights, and unload the headlight switch and ignition switch....

    But -and this is a big BUT - look carefully at the above Ebay kit. Note that BOTH headlights are now run off a SINGLE fuse, and a single relay, and are triggered by a single source. What that means is that if you are cruising down the back road in the middle of the night and the fuse pops, or the relay malfunctions, or the trigger fuse pops or becomes loose - then you will immediately lose ALL headlights !!! Rather a scary thought in some situations......

    ALL car makers - including Fiat - put the left and right - and high and low beams - on SEPERATE circuits with SEPERATE fuses. For good reason.

    Please note that Bob Brown supplies his kit with two seperate circuits (for left and right headlights). I assume for the above reasons. Note the Ebay kit does NOT !!! Don't know why he didn't point that out.

    Now if you don't want to pony up the bucks for Bob's quality, I suppose you could at least use 2 of the the Ebay type kits (that I linked above) and use one for each side. Would work okay - you would just be left with a headlite plug on each side that is not used. Just leave it there wrapped up un-used. And feed each relay from its own provided in-line fuse. That would solve all my above concerns.

  9. jvandyke

    jvandyke True Classic

    West Michigan
    Just this afternoon I rigged a set on a guy's '82. I just put standard relays in the fuse box area, pulled power off the brown wire from battery in that connector there, grounded to a handy stud back there. Pulled the wires off the fuses, routed to relay, back to fuses from relay. Total cost, $15 or so. No cut, reversible, fused. This is how it's been on my car for a few years.
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  10. paul

    paul XjunkieNL

    The low countries
    Bought a set for two headlights...price is insane.
    Normally I would think it is a scam, but with the many positive reviews on Ebay I'm taking the gamble.
    Locally parts alone are more expensive.
    Maybe not the perfect solution, but a nice way to improve the lighting.
  11. Deacoes

    you helped ME do MINE, remember? I can't believe you'd consider going elsewhere! I can tell you Bob's work has held up spectacularly since we did it, I'd get one of his before I spent the $ 20 on the Chinese stuff.

    I believe Bob Brown was born in Turin, under a fusebox, with a lead in each hand. His Italiano heritage is the main reason you should buy from him, rather than an Irishman like Tony "20 bucks" Natoli :) or the Chinese.

    Actually if someone does buy this Chinese harness, it could be passed around the board, satisfying the many 20 bucks transactions that have never been paid :)
  12. zonker

    zonker Just Another FIAT Freak

    Sun City, CA
    If you're going to go the china route, make sure you get the ones that have ceramic headlamp plugs. The plastic ones can melt over time.
  13. jvandyke

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    West Michigan
    wouldn't that make them even more factory?
  14. zonker

    zonker Just Another FIAT Freak

    Sun City, CA
    Ha yes - but you haven't seen melty plugs until you use 9007 style plugs and high wattage bulbs. Those babies turn to crispy critters downright quick!

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