On the streets of Lisbon


True Classic
I was surprised to see this parked across from my hotel a few days ago, I have not seen a 127 “in the wild” in years though Fiat seemed to make literally millions of them. I have rented a few in Italia “back in day”, this brought back some good (and not so good -running out of benzine on the autostrada because of a wonky sender) memories.


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Does the 127 use the 128 or 850 based motor?
The 127 started out with a 903cc pushrod engine which I assume is from the same family as the 850 engine. Later they put a 1050cc SOHC engine in there which was only loosely related to the SOHC engines used in the X1/9. It looks a bit like a X1/9 engine mirrored front / back. I think this is what is referred to as the "Brazil engine". Wikipedia also mentions a 1301cc engine in a 127 Sport; perhaps this is from the 128 family?
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As far as I know all 127 had pushrod engines. At least in Europe. The same engine also sat in the Lancia A112 (Autobianci). Abarth tuned both the 127 and the A112 and they both got 70hp. Abarth also tuned a couple of cars for pure racing and they got 103hp. Not bad for a 1 liter pushrod engine.
The 147 was the brasilian version, offered with a 1050 ohc and later 1300 ohc. Some were exported to Europe. The Series II 127 was offered with the brasilian motor.