Repair of wiper reservoir


Daily Driver
The windshied washer reservoir on my 82 X has developed a crack in the bottom, under the mounting tang:(. I've read about ways of repairing cracks such as these in Polyethelyne tanks by heating similar material and "soldering" it in place. I am about to give it a try but I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this type of repair. If so, did it work? Is there a better fix?
I tried...........

but not very succesful, I ended up buying a new one from Henk.
Not succesful either

I believe this material in unglueable and unweldable.
You could try to fit in another type, a smaller one. The original one is big enough to do a whole car wash to the little X.
If you get another reservoir done neglect to improve the support at the bottom, spread the load better. Or keep the reservoir only half full.
What about...

Plastic Repair Epoxy?

I used some years ago to repair some foglight housings, and recently sued some from the leftover tubes to repair a hot tub pump.

Clean, roughen, mix, apply (I used some fiberglass mesh tape for extra strength), let harden overnight (I waited 2 days). So far no leaks.