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Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Black-Tooth, May 24, 2013.

  1. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Sorry I haven't been commenting or answering as many threads as I once did... Health issues with both my wife and I have consumed much of our energy and time. I THINK we have crested though... here's hoping.

    The sad news is that one of our most enthusiastic X1/9 fanatics has passed away. Dick Waldren was 78 back in 2006 when this foto was taken:


    Next to Dick is Steve Hoelscher and Mike Soter...

    This was his ride for the day... a BVH '84 that Doug "the Ratt" Lindeman threw together, sold to Jeff Zucker and then finally bought by Dick. I test drove it for him and was indeed impressed!



    This is one of SIX that he owned... some are projects and some are runners... one '74, '76 or '78 and the rest are late models. He also has THREE Saab Sonets!!!

    (Almost forgot... Queenie... a late model with what had 22,000 on it when I first saw it and with the original P3 Pirelli tires. When I opened the passenger door I stepped back in time, as it had this NEW CAR smell and the interior was perfect. So was the rest of the car when I took a good look at it. It may have had 22,000 on the clock, but 20,000 was from being flat towed behind a motorhome!)

    This is the last photo of Dick's bouncing baby nephew Mel Simmons who has been in hibernation since I sold him White Fang many moons ago.


    Mel called today to tell me that Dick had passed away last week from heart complications and he and other family members will be liquidating Dick's collection. There are also some engines and transmissions along with a plethora of parts. Some time in the second week of June I will meet with him and take some fotos... and offer up the cars for sale. We make no promises but I think if anyone is looking for an exceptional X1/9 or a good project car... Wait a few weeks so you can take a look at these.

    Lastly, Dick's life was rather full with all sorts of calamities he had to crawl over... but he always had a great sense of humor. He was a true GENTLE man... and the FIRST to contribute towards any get-together or any other worthy cause... and was honest and trustworthy to a fault. I think we all must admit that we are somewhat off the beaten path when it comes to our ride of choice... but couple that with an insane love for the Sonet and you have a fanatic on steroids!

    I don't think there was anyone that met him that didn't admire him to some degree.

    All my best you guys... yak atcha later!
  2. rossofozini

    rossofozini True Classic

    South Australia
    Thanks Tony

    Sorry to hear this.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends
  3. Rooster

    Rooster piccole ma cattive

    Northwood, NH
    Sad news indeed and my thoughts and prayers go your to his loved ones.

    Looking at the picture of Dick, Steve and myself brings back fond memories. I need another cali trip...
  4. fastx19

    fastx19 Administrator Moderator

    Heber, AZ
    Sad to hear...

    I hope his family is doing as well as possible. Loosing a loved one then watching their dreams and aspirations be sold is a difficult thing.

    Hopefully his collection will go into appreciating hands.
  5. Rupunzell

    Rupunzell Bernice Loui

    Can we add Dick Waldren to the memorial section of Xweb ?

  6. MarkF

    MarkF Administrator Moderator

    Redmond/Chelan, WA
    Sad news indeed. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I think I met Dick when he was up in Seattle area preparing to drive an X (possibly Carl Auer's blue one?) all the way back to California.
  7. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli

    Mark... indeed...

    For an OLD guy you have a great memory. I hesitated to include the one foto I had of that trip because of its quality... but will do it now.


    Dick and Mel flew up to Washington state with a bag full of parts, and alternator and my cell phone in their carry on bags. TSA almost had a fit!

    Alas... both the alternator and the cell phone really came in handy on the way home! I believe this car is still n his collection but was disassembled and repainted. I don't think it was ever re-assembled and may be one of those that will be sold.

    I think Carl (Auer) just sold his car recently... Was this not his at the time?

    Ya know I just gotta say this... I am privileged to have made so many friends on this site for almost the last 15 years. That's one hell of a long time when you consider this medium!

    Gotta git...
  8. Black-Tooth

    Black-Tooth Tony Natoli


    Imagine my surprise when Steve showed up at my birthday party last month.

    He hasn't changed a bit... maybe even thinner and better! (The SOB!)

    Don't tell anyone... but if our health holds out, Sharon and I may be in N.E. this September. Would love to see ya.
  9. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    Sad news about Dick.......!

    Tony, I well recall you talking about your good mate Dick in many of your earlier posts on Xweb!
    Always a sad time when good friends 'move on'!

    Take care, mate!!

    cheers, Ian - NZ
  10. 9151

    9151 Pottsy

    Liverpool, UK
    Hi guys

    Sorry to hear the bad news. He was an early member and part of the fabric of this site. Seems though that Xweb is like Life itself; older members bowing out whilst new members looking for info and companionship come on board.
    RIP Dick.

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