santa bring me a new motor for the 128 coupe

Discussion in 'Front Wheel Drive Fiats' started by ghostdancing, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    i finally have got a 1300 from an 81 ritmo 75S for my coupe; the seller claims it has 59000 km (hard to believe for a 37 years old engine), but at first inspection it looks not bad at all: coolant chambers on the block are free of any scale (this is what i can see in the termostat\water pump fitting areas), surface are clean and blue (color of the coolant fluid), camshaft looks mint and spark plugs are ok, no carbon deposit on them; the motor is not been washed: some black greasy on the sump joint zone, but no signs of leaks.

    removing the yellow belt cover, the zone is greasy: i guess must mount new oil seals (camshaft\mainshaft seals, correct?); the belt itself (of course will mount new set) is ok,no dirty on it)

    mecanich says must renew also the flywheel side seal; will purchase new water pump\termostat, already sourced 128 rally intake manifold with carburetor (DMTR32), looking for a good exhaust manifold

    what else you would check\perform on this motor before fitting on the car? what inspections you would make at this stage?

    i will mate it with my original 4 speed trans (the car is a 1116).. i already know (thanks to steve c.) that must cut a notch in the bell housing to clear some fittings of the 1300 block)

    is it ok with the 1300 motor or the gears will be to short for the new power?

    for what i know the motor should be very similar to the original coupe X1\9 euro 1300 motor (but it's 1301 and not 1290), camshaft should be the same (75hp)

    any input is welcome, be prepared for further help calls on this swap
  2. carl

    carl True Classic

    All external seals, which you seem already to replace. Check the valve clearances, much easier to check and replace shims with the motor out of the car.
  3. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    hi Carl, how many are the seals? flywheel side, camshaft front side and?
  4. fastx19

    fastx19 Administrator Moderator

    Santa Clara, CA
    I agree with Carl. Replace the seals and enjoy. What you should replace:

    Oil Pan Gasket
    oil drain plug grommet
    Water Pump Gasket (block to pump and pump to bypass water connector)
    Gasket for plate which mounts the Oil Pump/Distributor pulley.
    Lower gasket between block and crank shaft on front
    Main seal on the back
    Intake/exhaust gasket
    Head Gasket
    I would recommend you replace the valve guides.
    Thermostat gasket
    Camshaft seal and gasket.

    You can find entire gasket kits for a really good price now days. Here is an example:

    Hope this helps.
  5. ng_randolph

    ng_randolph Bjorn H

    SF Bay area
    There is also the auxiliary shaft seal at the "front" end of the engine.
  6. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    thank you fast, only..i do not plan to pull the head now..if i will not lucky enough (problems with head gasket) can pull it with the motor already mounted in the car, but i hope i will not need this
  7. carl

    carl True Classic

    If the motor is not coming apart and none of the gaskets are showing signs of leaking, I would just replace seals.
    Front crank seal
    rear crank seal
    cam box seal

    cam box cover gasket and oil pan gasket are not hard to replace with the engine in the car. I don't believe in disturbing gaskets that are not showing signs of leaking hence I wouldn't' mess with the water pump gaskets etc. Besides, engine access in a 128 is a piece of cake.
  8. ghostdancing

    ghostdancing True Classic

    yes, this is my plans.. as i already stated, the motor is bare naked, so i need all the ancillaries (apart start motor and alternator that will be the the one on my 1100.

    exhaust manifold: looks like 1100\1300\1500 it's the same part:

    this should mean that i can use my original manifold on the it true? no bigger manifold on 1300 engines?

    i'm rather skeptic because the intake manifold are different (1100: 22mm diameter\1300: 26mm diameter)

    also: the exhaust holes pattern on the head is the same? how can it be (i figure larger bore= more spaced holes..)

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