Shelby Thompson 1951-2014


True Classic
Shelby was born Shelby Eugine Thompson. I met Shelby 9 years ago at Rudys house. A many of Tall tails and repair jobs later we became buddies. He would often bail me out of my inability to figure out Top Dead Center. He also taught me a lot about building engines. Shelby was enthusiastic about racing and liked it any chance he had on a track. He once claimed to me that he hit a wall in an X 19 going 100 and walked away. Many folks in Socal know him as he would drive anywhere to help fix your Fiat if you asked him. Some of you may remember he brought his Red X1/9 to Best of France a few years back with a Turbo and Roll cage.

Shelby was 63 He unfortunately had some challenges at the end and sadly took his own life June of this year. Survived by a brother and Sister and a few select friends.
RIP buddy


O wow.. never come here and just found out JJ.If you remember you got me in touch with him and bought the X turbo system from him.And even thou i havent installed it yet, i do remember calling him many many times for input on the system and he was always willing to help answer any questions i may had back then.Great guy......


Tyrone Revelo
Sorry to hear of this lose.

I have not discovered this thread until now. How could did I miss it ?


True Classic
Something tells me that with over 36,000 page views of this thread the interweb thinks he was Carol Shelby. This thread might have the highest view count of any thread on Xweb..maybe