Stealth windscreen washer jets

Discussion in 'Workshop Forum' started by rjplenter, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. 2369E2AE-8996-477C-8AF1-16A1299ECFE4.jpeg 60B40986-4F1C-41E8-837B-94E3A0CE1EA5.jpeg I’ve never been happy with the standard washer jet, so I installed two stealthy modern jets for better coverage.
    I left the standard jet for that original look.
  2. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    Nice upgrade, Rob!!
    I agree with you - the OE washer jets are pretty "wimpy" in their function!
    How's things in the "mighty" US of A?

    cheers, IanL - NZ
  3. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Nice job Rob. Maybe go ahead and remove the stock jet for a cleaner look? I remember back in the early days of rally racing we had wipers with washer lines running along the entire blades, spraying water all across them to help remove mud.

    This is the only windshield washer I use:
    And for once I am not trying to be funny. Having lived my whole life on the beach I learned that the wind (when it rarely blows) carries fine beach sand particles with it. Those particles settle on top of your wiper blades, so when the wipers are activated they act like sandpaper on the glass. To see what I'm talking about, try lifting your wipers away from the glass and see if there is a line of dirt where they rest.

    Although I'm currently not living at the beach, I am in a desert with the same problem; sand in the air (and the wind blows constantly here). So I've never used the windshield washers to clean my windows. And the only time I ever turn the wipers on is after it has rained for a while to wash things off first. However it never rains that much in either So Cal nor Las Vegas, so basically I never use my wipers at all.

    In fact I've completely removed the washer system from several of my vehicles due to not needing them. So I guess that is the ultimate in "stealthy" washer jets? And on my latest "outlaw" project I will remove the wipers and mechanism as well.
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  4. Chris in Canada

    Chris in Canada True Classic

    Ontario, canada
    First, my condolences for living where it seldom rains,where it’s possible to remove the wiper system completely! I have the luxury of parking my X for 6 months of the year while the tempature dips to a balmy -40 Celsius and then having to wait another mild month for all the salt to be washed away before I drive it!! Lol Is there a need for a small engine tech in your area? How long can a Canadian stay without a green card? You lucky dog!!!
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  5. DaveR

    DaveR True Classic

    Minneapolis, MN
    -40 Celsius is -40 Fahrenheit for those of us not on the metric system. That's cold in English.
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  6. Yep, that's cold in black and white and in colour!

    G'day Lawsa! How are ya mate? Good here, work has been crazy for nearly 2 years now, so not much time for xweb these days unfortunately. Just logged 50,000kms on this X since I bought it 7 years ago. 10,000kms on the "new" engine. Still purrin' like a kitten.

    Jeff, I see you are a fan of My Big Fat Greek Wedding! :D:p Can't really do without washers and wipers here. In my rally days we had a similar setup for events that might be damp. It worked well.

    Chris, the coldest we saw at home this winter was -22 Celsius. So pretty balmy!
    I think there are special conditions for Canadians here when it comes to work and visas etc. I know it wasn't straight forward for an Aussie despite being invited here. But then Lawsa can tell you, we're pretty dodgy!!!

    When I was thinking about this mod I asked myself "what would Hussein do?" He would use Volvo parts of course.
    So I ordered Jeep parts!!! :D:D:D
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  7. Jefco

    Jefco Daily Driver

    Portland OR
    For those who haven't been to Quebec, that's pretty cold in French, too.
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  8. artz1731

    artz1731 True Classic

    Denver PA
    I’m with Jeff on this one. Removed the washer bag years ago. That being said...nice upgrade.
  9. Dr.Jeff

    Dr.Jeff True Classic

    Sin City
    Ya, guess I should have stated it obviously depends on where you happen to live (climatic conditions) and how you use the vehicle. Only certain areas could get away without washers, or more so without wipers. On my regular daily drivers (non Fiat) I keep everything operating, but on my "fun" cars I remove what isn't utilized.
  10. ianlawson

    ianlawson ian - NZ

    Yep, I did that also! But I still needed to use the screen washers from time to time, so I installed a "thin-bodied" plastic bottle in the RH side headlamp-motor pocket, and which holds enough washer fluid to last quite some time. We still need "screen-wash capability" down here in NZ! ;)

    cheers, IanL - NZ
  11. Chris in Canada

    Chris in Canada True Classic

    Ontario, canada
    I go through 2 or 3 gallons of washer fluid/winter here,(not in my x!!) and unless some shithawk(seagull!!) drops a load on my windscreen, it doesn’t get used at all. I still swapped out that high tech bag for the big washer container. I’m pretty sure it still has the original fluid in it that I first put in!!
  12. I moved the bag to the frunk. Much easier to fill.
  13. Well, these are a bit of a dud. Really good when stationary or driving slowly. Completely useless at highway speeds. The fluid gets blown to the very edges of the windscreen. Oh well, worth a try.
  14. NEG

    NEG True Classic

    It rains.....a
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  15. lookforjoe

    lookforjoe True Classic

    I like the mod. Can you rotate them so they hit about 1/3 way in on each side? To avoid the side drafting they would be better installed inside of where the wiper pivot comes through the cowl, but then the angle will be difficult to get them to clear the arm when in use, I think.

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