[UPDATE: RESOLVED] Anyone NOT receiving notification emails from the Forum when expected?


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Yes.....for about 2 weeks now.....I have NOT been getting an email notification when I get a new PM. I checked my settings and should be getting them. I was certainly not going to complain....but since you asked..... :rolleyes:

The PMs seem to be coming through on the forum just fine....I get a red notification on the forum mailbox....just no longer do I also get an email notification when I get a new PM like I used to.....
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Funny you mention that. I was about to enquire whether or not there was an issue or not with them as I have not received one recently. My notification settings have not changed and are set to get updates, newa, and activity.


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Aug 13 was last email I received to I thread I’m subscribed to. So yes, no email since then.


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Based on my testing, I believe this issue to now be resolved. Somehow the authentication for the Email sender account had become corrupt on or about 15-August-2023